Tip Farming Simulator 22 Ls22 Seasons: Seed Calendar & Use Each Season Efficiently

With Farming Simulator 22, you can not just cultivate your fields according to the time and manner that suits your needs, but instead, you must be able to adapt to changing weather conditions. The seasons of summer, spring, and winter change dynamically, based on the settings. In default, a month lasts for one day in the game and is equivalent to a period of 30 minutes or one weekend, according to the speed of play you choose to set.

It’s not clear that you should just leave it at that. If you wish to, you can create a season that lasts 30 days in a game that can ease the stress tremendously and give you plenty of time to adjust to the new situation and respond to the problem. To accomplish this, head to the “Seasons” section of the game settings and alter the environment to “Days in a month.” But, the change won’t take effect before the current year is completed.

Who is this person who, in fact, that it is not true? You can scream about the changing seasons as well; as mentioned in the section, it is stated that a specific season will last forever. To achieve this, choose your preferred month from”Visual Season. “Visual Season” entry and stay forever in your favorite scenery. It is important to note that seasons don’t just impact the game visually but also impact many aspects of the game and opportunities.
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The way these changes appear is obviously dependent on the time of year. For instance, in autumn, it is common to see heavy rain, which could hamper the harvest and can cause additional problems. In winter, however, cold temperatures prevail, and snowfall is expected. Of course, your map choice can affect the weather, so there isn’t much snowfall in Haut-Beyleron and Elmcreek; however, Erlengrat typically sinks entirely into the snow.

If you aren’t feeling like it, you can completely turn off the snow by selecting the choices.

The way the season’s function Keep in mind the calendar of seeds

Alongside the dynamic shift of seasons, Farming Simulator 2022 also introduces new features like the Seed Calendar for the first time. It is heavily factual and tells you when you can plant what crops, how long they take to grow, and when you must harvest your crop. Make sure to check the calendar each often to ensure that you don’t miss anything and end up losing money.

If you have turned off the default settings, Standard Spring is typically busy preparing and planting seeds in the field. In the summer, you harvest grains and potatoes; in autumn, the remaining part of the harvest has been in place. Winter is usually a quiet period, where you manage the forest and take care of animals.

To prevent valuable crops from rotting in the field because of insufficient time, it is essential to organize your work well and cultivate the suitable varieties of fruit and other items. To ensure this, you must keep track of the calendar mentioned above every day and avoid having several things going on in the field that require your attention simultaneously. If you’re too ambitious, you’ll not have only many things to be doing; however, in the worst-case scenario, you’ll end up losing everything.
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Additional tips for farming Simulator 22.

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