Tip Farming Simulator 22 Ls22 Grow Grapes And Olives: Proper Planting And Harvesting

Grapes can be harvested in the farming game Simulator 22, from the month of September through October, however olives can be harvested only in October. However, the process of cultivation is different from other crops because you usually purchase seeds, choose them from the right machine for seeding and take them to the field however, with grapes and olives you can plant the groves and vines through trees mode. You can open this to access it, and then click on “Production” under the heading “Plantations”.

If you’ve made a decision on whether you’d prefer to plant olives or grapes, and you will be being inspired by which one is more lucrative, you can click an free space on your field. The ideal location to do this is in an open meadow. You can now place one stake, or even a tree, and move a grapevine or olive grove over the fields. After that, you’ll need to put another stake or tree to complete the row.

The next row can be placed row directly behind it, but bear in mind that rows must be close to one another in the end, since you’ll have the ability to dig and fertilize and then collect between rows. Furthermore, you need to maintain a minimum distance between the rows that is set through the rules of the game. Once you have reached the required distance can you put another stake or tree to begin the next row.
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The olives as well as grapes are a good mulch dig , and fertilize How do you achieve the highest yields

Because grapes and olives are quite different from other fruits you could cultivate in your garden You will require specialized equipment, which is accessible under the menu category “Grape and Olive Method”. To gain a greater understanding the process, look up the menu item under “Packages” which is where the best machines for olives and grapes are suggested for you.

For newcomers or those of those who have yet to make a profit At this point to rent essential equipment, instead of purchasing them directly.

In the beginning, you will require a mulcher that you must join to a tractor to clear large grass that is growing between rows of olive trees. Then, you can change to a Disc-OVigne V to dig however, don’t forget lower it into the ground before. Then, you should fertilize the rows to ensure that your fruit is able to grow properly and leaves no space for a desire.

Keep an eye out for the fact that the trees and vines are fertilized automatically at 50 percent at the time they are planted, which means you’ll only have to fertilize them one additional time. For subsequent harvests, you’ll need to fertilize fully on your own to achieve 100% again.

Olives and grapes How do you harvest the fruit

In order to be able pick grapes and olives in the LS22 the LS22, you require specific and expensive machines from the brand New Holland, for example New Holland Braud 9070L for grapes and the New Holland Braud 9070L for grapes, and the New Holland Braud 9090X for olives. It is also possible to rent these machines if you do not have enough cash to pay for your accounts. Also, you can utilize our tricks and tips to save money , or employ a trick to get the required amount.

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All you need be doing is go around the groves, or the vines, with the harvesting equipment that is appropriate and then load the grapes or olives onto the trailer to be removed. You can make use of any trailer, but for grapes, you’ll require the right equipment. You can harvest directly at a retail store to cash or take it to a production facility.

Additional tips for farming Simulator 22.

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