Tip Farming Simulator 22 Ls22 Field Work: Buy Fields, Plow, Sow And Harvest

Before you begin to grow honey, crops, grains, and other products, it is necessary to have a suitable terrain first. After all, other farmers don’t like it when you drive through their fields. Remember that it’s impossible to cut down trees to create new fields. Instead, the maps are predefined by the plots of each.

To purchase a plot, navigate to the overview of maps menu, then go into”Land. “Land” selection gives you a comprehensive overview of the fields you can purchase. After reviewing your finances and selecting the best land for you, it is time to click “Buy,” and then you can begin working on the field.

Agriculture Simulator 22: What is the way fieldwork functions

Before you begin working on the soil, it is necessary to select which of the sixteen types of crops are available in LS22. Check out the calendar of seeds to determine the best time to plant which crop, what it’s going to take to grow, and when it’ll be the time to harvest. Planning is only half the fight in this game, so don’t simply do it.

You can select from barley, wheat millet, canola, millet soybeans, sunflowers, corn Oats, oats, oil radish potato, sugar beets, poplars, and sugarcane grapes, olives, and cotton. Once you’ve decided on the first one, you can begin cultivating the field and ensuring the soil is prepared for sowing. To do this, naturally, you’ll require the right equipment. This type of work includes:


circular harrow


Disc harrow

Spade machine

Depth loosener

In the beginning, pick a tool that will not cost a lot or, at best, lease one to avoid the expensive purchase cost. When cultivating, be sure to lower the machine to the ground before you begin, or you’ll be wasting time. Additionally, it must be noted that if you employ a disc harrow, you’ll be able to take less time to remove the weeds as they emerge from the ground quicker.

The Farming Simulator 22, Purchase seeds and sow the field

If you have prepared your ground correctly? Then you can proceed by sowing. Depending on the kind of seeds you want to cultivate, you will require either the planter or the seeder. Naturally, you should start by filling the machine with the right seeds from a silo or pallet. Silos for grain can be put on the building mode, and you can purchase seed pallets from vendors.

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Have you looked over the calendar for harvest and planned correctly? Lowering and then turning on the machine to move the field to sow is essential. If you’ve already accumulated enough money or made it big using the correct method or trick, you could also buy a high-end, modern sawer that can make the field ready and sow and fertilize in one move. This obviously will save you time.

Alternatively, in Farming Simulator 2022, sowing in fields you’ve never previously worked is possible. To do this, there are specially designed machines that don’t need to be cultivated, which will help you save time but can also have a negative aspect, as the weeds will grow back quicker after treating the area in this manner.

Farming Simulator 22 Harvest, process, and then sell

You must now consult the harvest calendar again so that you are aware of what time your plants are ready to harvest. What you will require are a harvester and cutter. Fold the cutter or harvester and then drive the fields. According to the crops, you might require specific equipment; however, basic equipment is usually sufficient initially.

After your harvester has been fully loaded, load it all onto a trailer so that the result of your work can be removed. It is now possible to sell your harvest by driving towards one of the sale locations on the map. Alternately, you can keep your crop in the first place and sell it once the demand is more significant, which will bring you more cash. However, be careful not to delay too long; otherwise, your harvest could go to waste and be worthless.

If you’ve decided to plant oats, barley, and wheat, you could use the harvester to leave the straw in swaths, which you can transform into straw bales using balers to further process. To do this, you simply remove them with a loader’s help. You can sell the straw on your own or utilize it to feed any animal you have. Straw is also used for complete mix rations, the most nutritious feed you can give your cows.

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Farming Simulator 22 Enhance and increase yields

Once you’ve mastered the primary work phases in LS22, it’s time to increase the yield. There are a variety of possibilities to choose from to do this, and the one you select is entirely dependent on your budget and schedule

Fertilize (2x) 2x Fertilize: Yield increase +23 percent

Apply lime following every 3rd harvest to increase yield +15 %

Use a mulcher on stubble. Yield increase of 5 percent

Get rid of stones using field rollers. Yield increase +5 percent

The Hive is near the sunflowers. increase in yield +5 percent

Beehive in the vicinity of oilseed rape and potatoes: Increase in yield +2.5 percent

Be cautious not to become too excited too quickly, as you could end up breaking quickly. Be sure to remove any weeds you see and plow your fields to cultivate specific root crops.

If the weeds are not removed, you will be subject to a penalty of -20 percent

Plows not used in root crops (potatoes and sugar beets and corn) or sugar cane) Yield malus 15 15%

For your field to be limed, you can purchase herbicide and lime on pallets from the stores or silos that are already placed. You could also put in silos yourself using the building menu. It is possible to purchase a fertilizer that comes in liquid and solid fertilizers in tanks or a large bag from the retailer or takes it straight from silos. If you’ve got fertilizer by silage in the plant for biogas, it is possible to make fermentation residues to fertilize. Or, you can use the manure by-products and slurry your animals produce.

To get rid of the weeds, three options are available to you in the LS22. A harrow is a tool that removes just small weeds, which is why it is essential to use this tool immediately after their growth. A home can remove small and medium-sized weeds. Finally, by spraying herbicides, you eliminate the most extensive weeds. However, the plants could remain if you begin pouring after the herbs have grown fully.

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