Tip Farming Simulator 22 Ls22 Bees: Build Hives And Produce Honey

Bees aren’t just valuable for our current world, which needs to remain protected at all costs. In Farming Simulator 2022, these tiny creatures are efficient since they produce honey that you can sell directly or utilize to make muesli. Beehives can be placed by entering the construction mode and selecting the bees under”Animals” under the “Animals” section.

As you can observe, six varieties are of various sizes and can accommodate different numbers of bees by their frames. Frames are the tiers of a magazine hive into which honeycomb frames are placed side-by-side from above. Inside these, the bees create them into wax-filled combs. Therefore, the more frames you have, the more bees there are, and the more significant amount of honey you will get as a result.

Beehive (1 frame) Beehive (1 frame) 1.100 1,1.100 – Euro

Beehive (4 frames) 4 frames. 4,400 Euro

Hive (Elongated) 6,600- Euro

Hive (10 frames) 12,500 Euros. Euro

Hive (33 frames) 19,000 euros Euro

Hive honey pallet station – 200- Euro

Have you decided to purchase a hive? If so, put it on your property; the location on land that is not yours is not possible. Furthermore, you must set up a honey pallet station close to the hive so that the produced honey stays there. It can later be transported via, for instance, AI aids until the time of selling or production.

The placement of beehives in fields that contain sunflowers, potatoes, and rapeseed can increase the yield of the planted fruits due to pollination. Of course, it’s possible to set up more than one hive to boost the work, but only one station for pallets is permitted per farm. Remove the honey harvested immediately to ensure you don’t have to run out of space.

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Sunflowers are a great source of yield.

Rape and potatoes +2.5 percent yield growth

If they are close, you’ll only need one hive to cover two fields. This can save time and space, as well as increase the profits you earn. Be aware that you cannot boost the yield above the specified values regardless of the number of bees you’ve got.

If you’d like to earn even more profits from honey, consider reselling it as breakfast cereals, as we previously mentioned. It is the most profitable option when you also sell grains, as well as raisins, to the mill.

Farming Simulator 2022 How to locate an appropriate beekeeper’s outfit

The beekeeper costume doesn’t give any extra benefits or unique features, other than making one feel like you’re a genuine beekeeper. To access this, simply open the menu in the game and scroll down the menu on the left until you reach the option “Miscellaneous.” This is where you can open the closet and change into a new outfit that is more suitable for the current situation.

Under “Outfits,” Choose the beekeeper’s clothing and alter the color if needed. It’s as easy as pressing “Choose the color” at the end of the page. Of course, this step is completely voluntary and, unlike the clothes themselves, has nothing to do with the game.

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