Tip Destiny 2 Guide: Character, Weapons, Loot – Everything You Need to Know as a Beginner

Character selection

The game Destiny 2 there are three distinct classes to select the character you want to play: Hunter, Titan and Warlock. When it comes to controls they’re similar, however, they each have their own strengths and capabilities:




With regards to the equipment and weapons All classes are equally equipped and equipped, which means you don’t need to be concerned about the lack of things to choose from. You can also make multiple characters and play the characters in different ways.

Each class also includes three other classes that are called Focus. These are available as you move through the story, and then use upgrade points to unlock various capabilities. These classes provide different options for Hunter, Titan, and Warlock like different effects of the grenade, or a change in the way you jump.

The Story

Once you have created your Keeper, the story of Destiny 2 begins, which is basically an extended tutorial , which will introduce you to the different game mechanics piece-by-piece. Here are a few simple suggestions:


The game frequently rewards your efforts with loot. This includes everything that you are able to equip the Keeper. The loot can be broken down into these types of colors and quality:

You usually get loot for having defeating typical enemies, bosses, and for completing tasks. The rewards for leveling up are also rewarding. Color and the type of loot is up to the player However, they’re created to make you better in every category. The rule of thumb is that The more difficult the task will be, the greater the reward.

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Every kill earns you Mica which is the currency used in Destiny 2, which you can use to purchase new weapons, armor and other items from the merchants.


Destiny 2 gives you a range of weapon types: automatic rifle, submachine gun, pulse rifle the scout rifle, fusion rifle shotgun, pistol handgun, sniper rifle rocket launcher, grenade launcher, and sword. They are classified into classes like:

Kinetic weapons deal normal damage. They are the standard weapon that you get the most ammunition.

Energy weapons cause either solar, arcus or void-related damage, depending on the type of weapon. It is crucial to cut through the armor of many of your enemies. Focus your attention on the hues of orange (solar) as well as blue (arcus) and purple (void) and then hold onto to it using the right firearm.

Power weapons can also cause solar and arcus damage. Their penetration power is extremely powerful, however ammunition is very scarce. Shotgun, grenade launcher sword and rocket launcher are all available for use as weapons of force.

The armour

The guardian’s helmet, gauntlets and chest protectors as well as leg protectors are three of the most important elements of combat figures:

In accordance with the guardian type, weaknesses could be hidden or strengthened. For example, if , for instance, you give faster speed to the hunter, he will be able to move even more swiftly in between hiding and attacking quickly. However it is possible to make the tough Titan more formidable by using the appropriate equipment.

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The adversaries

In the end, it’s just an issue of shooting over anything that gets in your path. But there are some things to consider when confronted with Fallen, Vex, Cabal and other similar characters:

The Cosmetics

The game Destiny 2, you can utilize shaders that can alter the color of your equipment . This isn’t a benefit in gameplay however it does look pretty! This is applicable to clothes and weapons and even alter the color of your spaceship and Sparrow. These shaders are available in the loot, and are often seen which means you can play with your look. However, you’ll have to shell out a few dollars for each shade. If you’d like to look stylish and elegance, you must invest just a bit …

Closing Tips

Now, into the battle guardians!

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