Tip Dark Souls 3 Ashes Of Ariandel Entrance: How To Start The Dlc

Find out how to gain access to the DLC

To access the brand newly added DLC zone Painted World of Ariandel, you must be in the Cathedral of the Abyss in the main game, and then enter into the Temple for Purification at the entrance. It is accessible at the beginning of game around a quarter of the way and a half, which is not too far from in the game’s first Ash Lord, the Guardian of the Abyss. In this stage, however the DLC could be a little too challenging for you. Therefore, we suggest taking it on later in the game, once your soul level is at 100.

If you’ve bought the DLC or obtained it through Season Pass, you’ll now see a monk inside the chapel of Purification that wasn’t present prior to the main game. He’s currently kneeling in front of the altar, behind the beacon. As soon as you step inside the chapel, you’ll be able to hear him murmuring in prayer. He will speak to you and invites you to visit his lover in the land of Ariandel. You must accept his invitation and will be taken directly to the artwork, the final pieces from which the monk keeps as scraps of paper in his hands.

A few seconds later you’ll be in a cave , and within the DLC the Painted World of Ariandel, which will bring back memories for fans of the initial part of Dark Souls of the hidden area known as the Painted the World of Ariamis.

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