Tip Clash Royale Clash Royale Deck For Arena 10 And Arena 11

When you are 10 , in Clash Royale Arena, you will be familiar with your preferred Clash Royale deck. In addition, at this point you will have your own preferred play style will have developed. Of course, you’ll have some wiggle room to adjust the layout of your Clash Royale deck(s) if needed, should the new cards prove superior or your competitors in new arenas prove too strong for your previous decks.

Then there’s Arena 10 (or for some it, the obstacle doesn’t really be apparent up to Arena 11) and suddenly all that “swapping around” within you Clash Royale deck doesn’t help. You attempt and fail and fail and then lose. It’s not always the case always however, it happens more frequently than in the past. This is frustrating and slows your progress significantly.

If you’re lucky enough, the megaritter and/or tunnel digger could be among the options available. The princess and the Ice mage aren’t for any reason in many Clash Royale decks in Arena 10 and Arena 11. The Clash Royale deck is sufficiently or completely equipped with these? This guide isn’t intended for you. What happens to the players who aren’t so fortunate? You’re in the right spot.

This is an aggressive Clash Royale deck

Large Skeleton (includes: Snowball and Night Witch (interchangeable) – Bats Pig Rider – Musketeer Barbarian Barrel Witch

In the beginning Yes, the Clash Royale deck includes a legendary card , however it’s not essential. We’ve included Night Witch because it complements this Clash Royale deck well. It is also possible to substitute it with similarcards, that aren’t legendary. The primary thing is to ensure that the replacement (besides the fundamental game-play similarity) does not take in the equivalent of four Elixirs!

The average cost for elixirs in the Clash Royale deck (3.6) is in reality crucial to its efficiency. Set any of the Witches or the Musketeer behind the King’s Tower first, giving you the chance to put the second unit beside it within a couple of steps from your unit.

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Normally, your adversary will react in this moment so you’ll need to be flexible at this point. Keep your primary purpose in mind: Musketeer and Witches are there to open the attack path to the Giant Skeleton or The Pig Rider.

If you wish to, you could also send bats to the tower, as they can cause plenty of damage in the big mix , and are unable to swallow the elixir. It doesn’t matter if you send the huge Skeleton and that pig-rider to one tower to exert more pressure on one spot or two towers (if you sense a moment where your opponent isn’t having any liquid left to defend one side) You’ll need choose based on the circumstances.

Since the Clash Royale deck is mainly intended for offensive play Be aware for the fact that you may require some time to adjust to this deck, specifically for defense against counterattacks. Utilize the Snowball for defense, and your Barbarian Barrel to roll over the smaller troops.

The Witches and Musketeer also aid in defense with this aggressive Clash Royale deck. In the case of a crisis the giant Skeleton as well as its explosive should be moved into the defensive. But, it’s best to not go that far using the Clash Royale deck if you use it correctly.

The defensive Clash Royale deck:

Mine Launcher – Bomb Tower – Inferno Tower – Elixir Collector

Tornado – X-Bow – Cannon – Goblin Barrel

This deck is more challenging to master than the offensive and requires lots of patience. However it is also a bit more difficult to master. Clash Royale deck strains your opponent’s nerves. This could, at the most, lead players to commit mistakes. Take a moment to rest to allow your Elixir to recharge as long as is possible. If your opponent attacks quickly and you’re not ready to respond promptly too.

First, you must establish an offensive place in the middle left or right of the shape as an inferno tower, or cannon. Nearby, put the X-bow or mine launcher. The normal rule is that your opponent should strike at this point by the time you reach. If not, shoot an ogre barrel at the turret you’re firing towards to surprise him with additional damage.

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When your adversary is attacked, be sure to defend your princess towers (NOT your X-bow, mine launcher or anything else that is being targeted) such as using bomb towers. Make use of the Tornado to take out smaller units or stop larger units or to draw other units into the close range from in the vicinity of Inferno Tower, as an example.

The first attack from your opponent is the most risky for you. The more you practice playing the Clash Royale deck, the more you’ll be able to defend yourself against most attacks. After the initial attack it’s just a matter of monitoring defenses, and then securing the perfect time to place elixir collectors into the corners at the bottom (due to the cost of elixir in this particular deck) and then attack using mine launchers, X-bows or goblin barrels.

Closing Words

It’s true that the protective Clash Royale deck is not one to “show off” in a big way, as it’s not attractive or beautiful to take a look at. However, it’s effective and includes cards that all players should possess at this point, and even at a level that is acceptable.

This deck is a good fit for the objective, but this deck – just like any Clash Royale deck – has weaknesses that opponents of specific decks could make use of. But when you play each of the Clash Royale decks presented here, i.e. the offensive one as well as the defensive deck, with some practice, you’ll be able to win significantly more wins than before. We wish you success and, above all, having fun!

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