Tip Candy Crush Saga Level 136

As If Candy Crush Saga Level 136 was not difficult enough You’ll see in the initial few movements that this “liberated” chocolate could quickly cause problems If you don’t keep a close eye on it to stop it from expanding. Thus, it is imperative to be on guard for the chocolate in Candy Crush Saga Level 136.

Without this, you will not be able to create the assortment of candy you’ll need to make, including the candies wrapped in wraps which you must first target to finish Candy Crush Saga level 136 because they’re tough to create. On the other hand, color bombs are typically a little simpler to make later during Candy Crush Saga Level 136 since there’s more room on the board.

You will likely have the least issues with the striped candy in Candy Crush Saga level 136. Another alternative to Candy Crush Saga level 136 is shown by watching the below video

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