Tip Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Unlock Dark Operations – How to Complete the Secret Dark Ops Tasks!

Nine different lenses are available in Battle Royale mode. As of now eight of them are in use, and we’ll now describe to you:

Dead 100 zombies

In Blackout In Blackout, you can kill 100 zombies that appear at certain locations across the maps (for example, the asylum) or are trapped in a mystery box for zombies.

Throw the basket

Take an basketball (e.g. at the house) and then throw it into the basket.

Kill your opponent with your fists

You can kill with only your hands

Enter the armored entrances at the Fracking tower

To the north of the two doors you’ll see two towers, with the grate in between. The button is on the right.

Hit the bull’s-eye on the shooting range starting at 90 yards

Go to the shooting range and strike the precise center of the target minimum 90 meters away.

Get the supply crate in the docks for cargo

It is essential to arrive first at the docks , and then look for the crate that is located in the front of or in the back. But, it’s not always appear in the exact spot So you’ll need luck.

Respect Tanbor Fudgely

In the south, The Anvil boxing arena (west of Turbine near The bridge) is the site of a memorial. Place yourself on one of the stone blocks that is in the front of the memorial then press the action button (console keypad: square/X, PC F).

The jukebox must be activated in the diner
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You can turn on the jukebox inside the diner located west of the building.


There are 15 operations that are awaiting completion. Below, you’ll find 14 challenges that are already well-known along with their requirements:

Frenzy Killer

Five kills in rapid intervals without using a point streak

Mega Killer

Gets six kills in quick sequence without using point streaks.

Chain Killer

Eight quick kills with no point streak

Ultra Killer

7 kills in quick intervals without using point streaks.

Brutal Killer

Gets 25 consecutive kills without using points streaks

Nuclear Killer

Performs 30 consecutive kills, without using an ‘point streak’

Gemmed Out

You can unlock the Dark Matter paint job for all primary weapons.

In the Depths

Get 25 kills by shooting at land-based enemies using an additional or primary weapon, while jumping

“Fire and Fire

Take down an adversary with the cleaner acting in the form of an Operator Firebreak using an Molotov.

Get Outta Here

Do you want to play a foe as Operator Ruin when he utilizes his Climbing Hook to propel himself in the air, then executes an Gravity Slam.

nuked out

It has made 30 consecutive kills during Free for All without using points streaks.


Totals 20 consecutive kills, ten times, without using the term “point streak”


You can unlock access to Dark Matter paint job for all weapons available in the game.

You can’t help but shrug it off

Survive the explosion of an enemy remote charge, and then kill the player in charge without dying first.

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There are 13 distinct issues are currently on the table to combat the undead. The following six challenges and their conditions are being discussed:

Sands of Time

You can complete the main challenge of IX in just 100 minutes.

Sea Legs

Finish the main quest of Voyage of Despair without going down


Complete the huge Easter Egg of Blood of the Dead in just 120 minutes. Below is a detailed guide from YouTuber NoahJ456 providing the steps to do:

Set into the Quest

Complete the three main Easter Eggs of Zombies mode

Dodgy Devil

You can make it through the 20th turn in Classified without being hit. (Card is only available via Black Ops Pass)

Perk Maestro

This modifies any perk.

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