Tip Apex Legends Tips & Tricks: What You Need to Know as a Beginner

How do teammates are restored

Contrary to other Battle Royale representatives, you can drag your players who have fallen back to the game In Apex Legends. To do this take the token of your teammate and then run to the respawn location. After a brief period your teammate will be able to return to the game with no equipment. Respawn computers is only available once. If you notice an other team respawning one of their members, you’ll need find a different point. Yes, please be considerate and leave the unopened supply crates around the area that is left unattended.

Hit marker explanation

If you strike your adversaries and cross-hairs turn into different shades. What do these colors mean:

White: the opponent wears (level 1) white (level one) armor

Blue: The opponent is wearing blue (level 2) armor

Purple The opponent wears the color purple (level 3,) armor

Red: The adversary is not wearing armor.

Yellow: Opponent suffers head hits

Use the function of ping

Utilize the context-sensitive function of ping to mark objects in the area for your fellow teammates. Apart from enemies or weapons, equipment, as well as ammunition may also mark specific locations you’d like protect, defend or steal by using the menu radial (just press and hold the button for ping). There’s a ping option for nearly every single action. It also allows you to confirm the instructions of others through the ping command.

A ping feature within your inventory

Not just in the context is the function ping utilized, but also within your own inventory. It is easy to inform your team members that you require certain equipment or have a particular types of ammunition search.

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Golden Equipment

Alongside gold-colored special weapons, such as the Kraber Sniper rifle or Mastiff shotgun, it is possible to discover rare gold equipment in supply crates from time the time. They share the same characteristics like that of purple-level 3 weapons however, they have an extra feature:

Helmet: Tactical, with special ability to recharge quicker

The Armor Shield is regenerated after execution

Backpack Rejuvenating devices and battery shields can be twice as efficient

The KO shield allows you to regenerate yourself at any time

A little bit of parkour

Contrary with Titanfall 2, you have to walk around walls, and the double jump has been removed. The player is still in motion and are able to get higher up walls simply by pressing the button to jump. It allows you to climb the wall for a short time before climbing it.

The Kings Canyon


Map of Kings Canyon not only shows the location as well as the respawning stations at which you can bring back fallen friends. Additionally the supply ship that you could land on is also highlighted. There’s a place to find valuable loot. This is also true to the green circle, which is the dangerous zone. It is the place where the most valuable items are. It also increases the chances of finding weapons already equipped with mods. When you are playing Pathfinder and you also be able to see the terminals on the map that you can hack to show the next Ring.

Sliding is a blast

Make use of every slope you can to slide down. Not only does it improve the speed of your slide however, it’s also enjoyable and it feels great.

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Colors of the loot boxes

If you kill other players your loot containers are wrapped in specific hues. The color is a sign of the rarity of the most valuable items you can locate in their garbage. It is a reliable indicator to figure out if the container is worthwhile or not in a tense situation.

Define your weapon

Use the key N on your keyboard or press left on the digipad and then look over the weapon. Sometimes, you need to take a look and admire your beautiful skins!

Different weapons and fire modes

There are a variety of weapons that have different firing modes that you can switch between using the B key on your keyboard or pressing the left dial. This can help you save ammo and shoot more precisely at distance using Assault Rifles such as. There are mods available for weapons with sights, in addition to longer magazines. Certain mods boost the damage while others include the option of firing. If you swap guns, the appropriate attachments will be transferred to the newly created shooting clubs.

Additional assistance

Also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as PC you have the possibility of transferring spoken words of your friends in chats with voice to text. Additionally, the game comes with three different color blind options including protanopia (compensates for the red-green weakness) as well as deuteranopia (compensates for red-green weaknesses that are not as obvious) in addition to tritanopia (compensates for blue-yellow weaknesses).

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