Tip Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tips & Tricks: Improve Island Image And K.K. Slider

How can I know what is the current state of the image of the island?

In the event that Project K, as Tom Nook refers to it, is in the hot stage, Melinda will provide information on how the image of the island within Animal Crossing: New Horizons is performing. She will broaden her options to include the related item that has the identical name. Alongside the opinions gathered from islanders that don’t necessarily have any significance, Melinda provides a rating of up to five stars. At first the island has just one star.

What is the minimum rating required to allow K.K. to come?

Happily, K.K. Slider doesn’t require too much. If you can tweak your island on a regular basis and it shouldn’t take a couple of days to about a week for the dog to pack up his guitar case and depart. When the island’s image is with three stars Melinda takes the singer’s enthusiasm. The concert then sets to motion. From now onwards, K.K. will visit you on a regular basis every Saturday.

What can I do to improve the image of my island?

In the end, Tom Nook and Melinda provide you with the most important details on how, using which you can clean up the appearance that the Island has. The most important aspect is the number of people living there. K.K. doesn’t perform before small audiences. The first step is to purchase and install home kit construction kits. These are provided to Tom Nook in exchange for 10,000 sternis. There is space for up to 10 of them in the islands. The new residents are by themselves. How can you help by helping a bit, you can find out through our tips and tricks for neighbors.

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Quantity on its own is not enough to make an island appear luxurious level. Additional measures are required in order to ensure Melinda can get more stars. Fortunately, you don’t need to lift a leg and can in turn provide the perfect surroundings.

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