Tip Animal Crossing: New Horizons Find Buhu & Seagull Gulliver On The Beach: What You Must Do

Buhu and Soul fragments: How can we do?

In random evenings when it gets dark, the sly ghost Buhu is seen wandering around the island. Once you come close to him, the ghost is completely disoriented and splits into soul fragments. To ensure that he doesn’t leave him as a splintered form for ever, you’ll be required to search on the islands for 5 fragments. They appear very like the unfinished Buhu as if they were a tiny blue flame.

The goal is to find five of them using the landing net in the night, and then return them to their owners. It’s not that difficult, but it could require searching multiple times since soul fragments are always on moving.

When all the items are returned to Buhu’s hands, he’ll provide you with an item as a token of appreciation. It’s your responsibility to decide if it’s an original product that isn’t yet listed available in the catalog or something of value.

Gulliver and the parts of the phone Gulliver and the telephone parts: What do we do?

Sometimes, the seagull Gulliver is stranded at sea and is rumored to be asleep. To get his job done however Gulliver is sleeping and is eager to be awakened first. Chat with Gulliver to the point that he wakes up and is actively engaged in talking. It could take some time. The escapee will attempt to get in touch with his crew on his mobile phone in order to be identified when an opportunity arises. The device, however, was damaged and it’s your responsibility to bring five phone components returned to Gulliver for him to finish the task.

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The preferred tool is the shovel since the pieces are dug into the earth all along the beach. It isn’t simple at first glance because they’re not as obvious like fossils. Instead, you need to search for tiny pits in the sand where water sprays out at specific intervals. Carpet shells, transformed into fish bait leave the same marks. When all five parts of a telephone are collected, they’re returned to Gulliver. Gulliver will express his gratitude the next day via mail with a unique and culturally distinct souvenir from all over the globe. The objects are only kept in this manner.

In the remainder time, the Gullliver will continue to relax at the shore, however there’s nothing to do.

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