Thunder Tier One Test

In the game Thunder Tier One, you’ll take charge of a special military unit that has to find a terrorist group known as SBR during the 90s. It was an armed group that was a paramilitary organization; however, over time, it’s lost its way and has now been pursuing more sinister motives. Their evil leader Marko Anotonov has been doing nothing to help anyone.

But we’re not going to give away too much of the plot about Thunder Tier One. This is because it’s not at the center of the game’s gameplay. It’s neither profound nor well-written and is only used to connect to the nine missions in the game. It is evident within the presentation, which seldom extends beyond the textboxes or even a little in the form of voice-acting.

Battle for brains

The primary focus is on combat. As we said, you are in charge of a specific unit comprised of four players. Thunder Tier One is designed from scratch to allow for a four-player co-op game, and there’s always a group of four players in play. If you’re playing by yourself, the AI assumes control of your fellow players but with only some effectiveness. The other players aren’t well – at the very least, not all the time. The fact that you can give them specific instructions does not change anything. In our tests, there were several times that AI soldiers had trouble finding an entrance or cover. Sometimes, they simply fled from the scene. This can disrupt the general atmosphere and hinder the mission’s success.

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When it comes to missions, they are arranged similarly; however, they have distinct goals. For instance, you could be required to free someone important from the shackles of the SBR and then take him to a particular place or to clear the area of enemies. The fundamental structure is that you enter a location and complete an objective in the area, then leave with lots of encounters with enemies. There aren’t any motivational side quests or creative mission concepts.

The battles are a great deal of fun. Imagine the combination with Jagged Alliance ARMA or Rainbow Six to get an idea of the game. The action happens to live, and you’re playing a top-down action game. There are a variety of tactical elements that add flavor to the fights.

For example, there’s the so-called “Fog of War” that occurs when at least one person in your team can see the enemy, they will be easily visible. But if the view of your group of four is blocked, they are obliterated. What remains are shadows or sound signals to identify the adversaries. It’s also crucial to keep a safe distance and take care. Insane advances into an unsecured space could result in the demise of the entire group. There is also plenty of micromanagement. Every member has their inventory where you can manage ammunition, weapons, and other things. In general, this isn’t an issue. However, when you have to suddenly fumble around with your inventory during the midst of battle, stress takes over.

Like the real thing

However, concerning the authentic style of battles, there’s nothing to be unhappy about. The entire arsenal feels as accurate as it is realistic, with the excellent sound design making a difference in particular. Furthermore to that, there are some fantastic visuals of Thunder Tier One. The game’s world is set with great care to detail, whether it’s enormous structures or wild natural. Furthermore, the shadow and light effects are stunning, and the transition between indoor and outdoor areas is fluid and smooth. Menus, on the contrary, look rather ugly, and it is always difficult to read texts due to the contrast not quite right.

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In terms of fluidity: Thunder Tier One also offers an online multiplayer game with various games combined with the primary campaign. “Exfiltration” is a game that pits three teams against one another, with one of the teams being tasked with capturing one of the packages while the other group attempts to stop that. The “Advance and Secure” mode is essentially an individual battle of a map. There’s also a mode where you play against AI alongside three players. This is done very well and can be enjoyable for a short period with enough players. But, as with the campaign, there may be some more information.

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