Thunder Tier One Review

The latest game by the developers of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS also focuses on combat, however it changes the gameplay’s pace and also the view: Thunder Tier One is a tactical team shooter that has an aerial view. In our review if it’s worth the journey to the fictional world of Silabia.

  • Producer: KRAFTON, Inc.
  • Publisher: KRAFTON, Inc.
  • Please note: December 7, 2021

The incidents in Thunder Tier One unfolded immediately after the demise of the USSR and took place in Silabia, the Eastern European state of Silabia, in which the paramilitary terrorist group SBR is a major threat. The players will be required to be part of an elite SWAT team, and throughout nine missions, they must do everything to end the criminals.

The authors have thoughtfully written briefings, formulated an overview of every mission, compiled an operational plan, and provided intelligence information. This is a great resource for a person to review before an outing, and forewarned is better than unarmed, and if you know, the details of the mission could go more smoothly.

On the other hand, the gameplay does not shine with exciting revelations. The mission goals are rather boring Infiltrate, sweep, capture prisoners, escort them, remain in the area until you can evacuate. It’s not like we expected dramatic stories in a shooter for the military; however, the plot is more like a sloppy “well is there a next step?” instead of “I would like to erase my memories so that I can do it all again!” There is a chance that modders will be able to add new exciting missions: the tools to alter this game already in use.

After the briefing, you can proceed to the preparation. Similar to X-Com and Jagged Alliance, in Thunder Tier One, you can personalize every one of four characters with great detail. They can carry secondary and primary weapons, a few weapons, and magazines for their weapons, and an unloader, a helmet, body armor, and backpacks.

On the weapon, you can attach various modules, such as silencers and sights, to adjust the equipment with multiple attachments, including PUVs headsets, knee pads, tactical gloves, and many more. To a different extent, each of these alters the physical characteristics of the soldier. For example, elbow pads increase the stability of aiming but limit movement speed, while the helmet can increase head protection but will restrict mobility. Other gadgets can be put in your backpack, but the soldier will become shaky. The list goes on. You could make a slow-moving armor-clad killer machine or a swift dodger, which will fall to the ground after a couple of hits, but you have to reach several points on the equipment in each situation.

In addition it comes with numerous camouflages where you can personalize your characters by making their weapons and equipment more attractive. But there’s no reason to do this: the camera is far too high above the field and even at max zoom, you’re unlikely to notice the unique appearance of your troops.


Once everything is in place, and everything is in place, you can go to the field for a mission. The gameplay Thunder Tier One is a top-down shooter. Elements of strategy are in place. However, there is no pause button within the game. All commands are made in real-time, so you must keep an eye on your enemies, avoid getting shot, and concentrate on controlling your opponents.

It is not enough well without a professional guide: the game’s AI is weak. Partners can cover the player and eventually end up being a burden and hindering the game, particularly in tight spaces, where it isn’t easy to move between shelves and tables. Combat wounded comrades are treated, but they do not themselves want to help the main character. Luckily, it’s not essential to keep all team members alive: once the mission is completed and regaining their health, they miraculously revive their own.

The game does not have an effective pause feature as it can’t pause time, give instructions to your teammates and arrange the course of the mission into a series of clever choices; the game can become very chaotic. In the same way, Thunder Tier One is geared for cooperative play, in which an active pause cannot be found.

We recommend playing in co-op mode since it’s pretty difficult to even at”arcade” difficulty, “arcade” difficulty, and its “realism.” The opponents are distinguished by their impressive precision shooting; they outnumber us by a large margin, constantly surround the fighters, and continuously keep firing. It is possible to use stealth in this game, but eventually, you’ll be spotted, sirens will blare, and enemies are likely to call for reinforcements while the VIPs need to be taken down and neutralized is likely to flee. The best AI control is as effective as voice communication or the coordinated actions of actual players.

Suppose you cannot find enough players with whom to play; try playing with other players. When the game launched, Thunder Tier One rushed a large number of players. Servers are full, even Russian-speaking players. If you are bored of PvE, have the game offers PvP mode options ranging from classic team despatches, 4 on 4 to the mission of stealing the enemy’s territory and the information. It’s unclear how long players it will keep players interested in the game; However, when it launches, there will be a person to work with.

Alongside everything else it’s attractive and enthralling to listen to. Not the next generation, but beautiful, particularly at dark, with soft light and contrasted shadows. The barrels are very chirpy shooting out bullets and playing with headphones that are good aids in positioning. I was able to tell by the sound of which direction the enemy was on.

It’s best not to take part in Thunder Tier One alone – the players’ AI isn’t a surprise, and it’s very rare to complete the task yourself. When you play cooperatively, however, the game can be at its peak – so when you’re planning to travel to Silabia, be sure to have someone else to assist you.

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