They Were On The Wrong Side Of The Grave – The Trailer With Which Evil Dead The Game Attacks Your Money

This multiplayer Evil Dead: The Game has been set for a launch date, and it is waiting to take your cash. The game’s developers have released a trailer that announces the beginning of pre-orders and reveals incentives for buyers who pre-order.

The Evil Dead: The Game comes in four different versions:

  • Standard.
  • Deluxe – with the first season pass that includes four additional additions.
  • Collection – Deluxe Contents, cards, artbook, tee-shirt packaging made of steel music on color vinyl, and exclusive skin.
  • Ultimate includes the content of The Collector’s Edition plus the life-size Necronomicon from the sequel The Evil Dead.

The price for the standard edition is:

  • PC (Epic Games Store exclusive) 1 599 rubles
  • PlayStation 2 849 rubles
  • Xbox $39.99. $39.99.

To pre-order two skins that are based on “Army of Darkness” are given away. Evil Dead: The Game will be released on May 13th. Evil Dead: The Game will be available on May 13, May.

Contents of The Ultimate Edition, the pre-order skins, and a few pictures (new versions, at least! ).

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