The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt endings

“Wedman 3: The Wild Hunt is the most recent RPG within the series (Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is a spin-off, in fact), released in 2015. In addition to three endings to the story, the game also has a finale associated with specific characters and locations. Here we review all possibilities of ending the game.


  • 1. The Witcher 3 story endings
    • 1. 1 Ending #1 1 Ending #1 Ciri transforms into a witch
    • 1. 2 Finale #2 – Ciri is made the Empress of Nilfgaard
    • 1. 3 Ending #3 – Ciri dies
  • 2 Endings of various characters from the final video
    • 2.1 Geralt of Rivia
    • 2. 2 Emperor Emgyr van Emreys
    • 2.3 Philip Stenger, Baron of Velena
  • 3 3. Leader of the North
    • 3. 1 Radovid Severe
    • 3.2 Sigismund Dijkstra
    • 3. 3 Emgyr van Ermeis
  • 4. Leader from the Skellige Islands
    • 4. 1 Svanrige an Tirschach
    • 4.2 Hjalmar
    • 4.3 Keris an Kreit

It’s the The Witcher 3 story endings

Each of the three possible endings is contingent on your actions prior to the time of the game’s conclusion. Particularly, we’re talking about actions you take during the principal missions “Preparing for Battle”, “Landscape After Battle” and “Final Preparations”. Before we continue We’d like to warn that there are spoilers! First and foremost, the endings of the plot relate to Ciri Geralt’s fate.

Finale 1: Episode #1 Ciri is transformed into a witch

Condition Three at least three positive acts in the following list with no visit to Emgyr.

If Geralt makes more positive actions in”Preparing for Battle,” “Preparing for War,” “Landscape After Battle,” or “Final Preparations” quests, you’ll see this quest’s end. It is also crucial to note that in”Landscape after Battle, “Landscape following the battle” quest, Geralt doesn’t visit the emperor.

Following the events of Randwick, Geralt is sent for a meeting with the Emgyr war Emrys to tell him about the deeds of his daughter, who stopped White Cold from devouring the area. He returns to his old outpost in the White Garden, where he receives a special silver sword designed for him by an employed blacksmith. Ciri then greets him at the tavern, to whom he offers his new witch’s blade, an instrument she’ll want to test at the field.

Finale #2 Finale #2 Ciri is made the Empress of Nilfgaard

Condition 3 at least three positive acts from the below list as well as the escorting of Ciri from Emgyr.

In the ending, you be able to see if Geralt chooses positive actions in his “Preparing for the Battle,” “Landscape After Battle,” and “Final Preparations” quests, as well as within the “Landscape After Battle” quest, he is greeted by the Emperor. Then Nilfgaard triumphs in the battle.

Following the events in Randwick Island, Geralt finds himself inside The White Garden Tavern. It’s cold outside. Zoltan and Buttercup discuss what happens when the hero forgives himself. Geralt is taken to a nearby lodge to talk to the hunter. After chatting with him, you’ll discover where to follow next.

In the new location, you will meet Ciri. When you return to the tavern, there is a crowd of Nilfgaard soldiers who have to take Ciri towards the Palace. The girl will inform Geralt that the sole method of influencing events worldwide is to rise onto the royal throne, Nilfgaard. Following a heartfelt goodbye, the heroes leave.

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Ending #3 – Ciri dies

Condition Three (or more) negative acts from the following list.

This is a way to categorize it as the most savage “The Witcher 3” ending. You have to make unwise choices in your quests “Prepare for Battle,” “Landscape After Battle,” along with the “Final Preparations” quests, and force Ciri to doubt herself in the final confrontation by battling White Cold.

After a week of the events of Undwyck, Geralt makes a return to The Crookedwood Mines to take revenge on the Buckskin who stole the medallion of Ciri. With the aid of the werewolf can take on Bucktail along with her terrifying companions. In the game’s final moments, we find Geralt being surrounded by a horde of beasts within the swamp. The fate of Geralt is still unknown.

Thus, we can summarise and highlight positive and negative elements.

Positive decisions:

  • “Landscape following the war” Play ball games with Ciri and then head straight to Velen.
  • “Final Preparedness”: Ciri must go to the Enchantress Lodge on her own, unaccompanied.
  • “Preparing to go into Battle: Ciri must get permission from Geralt before smashing the lab. Then, geralt, along with Ciri, visits Skjall’s grave.

Negative decisions:

  • “Landscape After the Battle” Drink by Ciri. instead of snowballing, take Ciri towards Emgyr and take the cash.
  • “Final Preparedness”: Ciri must go to the Enchantress Lodge with Geralt.
  • “Preparing for combat” Don’t allow Ciri to blow up the lab; don’t go to the grave of Skjall along with Ciri.

Final moments of the characters from the final video

Let’s examine the outcomes of the different characters below. In the last video, you’ll discover the outcomes of your choices were.

Geralt of Rivia

Herald has three possible epilogues in the final chapter in The Witcher 3, as in the case that you don’t have an unsatisfactory end (the third):

  1. Health is still a witch. If you did not attempt to get an affair with Triss Merigold or Jennyfer of Vergenberg (or even more attempt to have both girls), He would live all of his time as a witch along the road, sometimes contemplating with his friends the lives he could have led rather than the one that he picked.
  2. Heralt lives in Cover with Triss within Cover. This is the scenario you’ll experience if, during one of the “Matter Of Life And Death” as well as the “Now and Never” adventures, Geralt woos Triss and requests her to remain with Geralt (and later on in the game, does not have the temptation of Jennifer). So they relocate northwards to Cover in Cover, in Cover, where Merigold earns her income as an adviser to the King and Geralt is occasionally a witch in contracts.
  3. Health remains with Jennifer. If Geralt stayed clear of having an affair with Triss Merigold rather than attempting to win Jennifer’s heart in her Last Wish quest, he would go with the witch, far from the noise of politics, adventure, and.

Imperor Emgyr van Emreis

If Geralt didn’t assist in the execution of Radovid during his “Death plot” side mission or disagreed with Sigismund Dijkstra in the “Matters of State” mission, The army of the Nilfgaards will fall out of the battle and be forced towards the southern part of the. As their emperor becomes humiliated and defeated by the Nilfgaardians take him down (and as a result, they also kill him).

However, If you finish this game, “Affairs of the State,” from Vernon Roche’s side Emgyr van Ermeis can take on the north. When his assault is completed, Emgyr van Ermeis will go after and kill anyone within his ranks who would like to attack his back.

Philip Stenger, Baron Velena

If during”Whispering Hill,” the “Whispering Hill” story quest, Geralt chooses to kill the spirits (or to save them by completing the mission before when the “Mistress of the Forest” mission begins), The Baron will help his wife during his “Return to Crooked Mires” quest. However, Anna (his spouse) will be shocked, and Stenger will claim that a doctor from the far Blue Mountains will help her.

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If Geralt lets the spirit go during the Whispering Hill quest, a curse could be placed on the wife of Baron Velen in the “Return to the Crooked Mines” quest. Even after its release, Anna appears too weak and will not make it through. Following the loss of his wife and his son, Baron hangs himself on a tree situated in the center of his square.

The Leader of the North

Based on Geralt’s decisions in the course of the game, the land in Novigrad and Velen may be given in the direction of one of three rulers down.

Radovid the Harsh

The ending is likely to occur if Geralt is not involved in the assassination attempt of King Radovid in the game “Deadly Plot” or “Case of State Importance.” Although Radovid is mad, he’ll prove his accurate strategist time and time again by inspiring his army. This is how the king will be able to beat those of the Nilfgaard army, forcing the military to the towards the south. After the war ended, Radovid’s troops carried on their “cleansing. Healing, non-humans and healers, and sorcerers were subject to persecutors.

Sigismund Dijkstra

Dijkstra will be the new leader of the North Dijkstra will be the North’s ruler if Geralt aids him in killing Radovid the Harsh in his Death Plot and Affairs of State. Afterward, Dijkstra chooses to support Sigismund’s side instead of Roche. Following the assassination attempt of Radovid, Dijkstra came to power. However, he was a shadowy figure. Dijkstra only went into the open after he had won the battle with the invading forces. Although his rule was prosperous, it was also a source of discontent for many of his subjects; the preferred direction of industrialization resembled the ideals the Nilfgaardians were trying to push.

Emgyr van Ermeis

This is the final scene you’ll get if you complete The Death Plot and the Affairs of State, kill Radovid the Harsh, and join Vernon Roche. After Radovid quit the throne, the army lost its most skilled strategist. Without the strategic direction of his king Redania’s troops let Nilfgaard take over northern regions.

But, due to the unwavering effort by Vernon Roche and the surviving combatants from the Blue Stripes, Emgyr van Ermeis realized it was time to end the loss of his wealth to guerrilla warfare and regain the land formerly called Temeria.

The Leader of the Skellige Islands

In the video that concludes the game you will see one of three options in relation to the rulers of Skellige.

Swanrige an Tirschach

If Geralt fails to take note of the additional questions “Clan of the Kraits” and “The Royal Gambit,” the young ruler of Skellige will maintain his power and wipe out the autonomous territories to establish a centralized state. It will take the form of bloody conflicts, which means that many people living on peaceful islands will suffer.


If Geralt succeeds in completing The Clan Of Krayt mission, he will join Hjalmar as part of The King’s Gambit quest; the Skellig people of Skellig continue to smuggle pirates off the coastline the continent.

Keys and Krayt

If Geralt completes this quest is then on Keris her side during the quest of King’s Gambit. The islands around Skellig will likely be peaceful and flourish under Keris and Krayt. She is an uncompromising leader who puts the safety and comfort of her people above everything other things. As a result, Skellige will cease robbing the shores of the continent.

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