The Witcher 3 secrets and surprises

The first game of The Witcher was released on May 15th in 2015. It was a fantastic game. The enthusiasm for The Witcher series has returned in many people, primarily due to the Netflix series with the identical name. Many are experiencing the series for the first time or looking for new adventures. This is particularly apparent in the number of players playing “The Witcher 3,” and it’s much more than it was when it was launched – which is impressive.

The base edition of the game can be significant. However, two massive updates provide new stories to players who have already completed this central narrative. Discovering all the game’s secrets will not be straightforward, and there is no doubt that in our journeys like Geralt of Rivia, most of us haven’t discovered all of these. In this collection, we’ve tried to find the most intriguing ones.


  • 1 Farting Trolls
  • 2 Guest House
  • 3 Winnie3 Winnie Pooh
  • 4 Document Forgery
  • 5. Merry Cemetery in Toussaint
  • 6 Talking Plot
  • Seven Graves in the Grave
  • 8 Schrodinger’s Witcher
  • 9. Arrow inside the knee
  • Ten Beware of White Rabbit
  • 11. Tattoo took from The Witcher 2
  • 12 Pass A38
  • 13 Remain by the flame
  • 14 Smith Hattori
  • 15 weeping Angels of Velen
  • 16 Ciri speaks about Cyberpunk 2077
  • 17 Tomb Raider Skeleton
  • 18 Scream William
  • 19th The death of Tyrion Lannister

Peeping Trolls

Finding this quest is difficult as it’s not located on the map. It’s still there, much like the gopher in the film, and is certainly worth a look. Coming across it on accident is much more enjoyable. The sound of gas being released is a constant source of laughter in a group of friends; however, imagine the feeling when you hear them coming from the dark, deep cave as a Witcher.

In addition, on closer examination, the trolls are yelling everywhere, who are surely having a good time. If you contact them, they turn hostile, and Geralt may take them down or leave with nostalgic memories. These trolling trolls are distinctive and have names like Jesse, Dodger, and Joe borrowed from popular YouTube streamers.

The Guest House Guest House

The Guest House is a leisure club for top-ranking Nilfgaard officials. However, the atmosphere is different when you visit, whether it’s evening or daytime. It is believed that the quest was meant to belong in something larger that is believed to be taken from a scene in the quest of Jorveth, who is one of the central characters from the sequel to The Witcher.

The quest also included a deadly disease that struck Nilfgaard soldiers and summoned demons. However, The Gostiny House is only interesting due to the changing evening and daytime settings, but it’s otherwise an uninteresting place.

Winnie the Pooh

The passchalk is fairly difficult to miss because it is a part of The Witcher; animals are extremely harsh. In this particular instance, the animal could already have been killed and then searched until the player realizes that it’s the past chalk that was hidden. The animal that we’re discussing is a bear with a red dress. Who’s that person? Who was the bear who was wearing a red shirt? It’s Winnie the Pooh!”

Document fake

The quest that begins at the beginning of the game is known as “Fake Papers,” one of the many quests that will allow you to gain the right to travel north to Novigrad. The quest is offered by a shady character who trades in fake documents and sells fake certificates, though they’re very expensive. Yo,u can, however, help his brother-in-law by getting discounts.

brother-in-lawn law and several peas,sancostlyg coroners on the batt andr mission is to defend them from the goons who eat corpses. Although your goal is to save,e all If the brother-in-law is killed in the process, the peasants will be grateful and appreciate your efforts since they were forced to serve the criminal. In exchange for their, help they willy to you the promise of gold and more. If you look into the body of the deceased brother-in-law and receive a certificate, ho,wever the person who started the quest won’t be content. This was the point!

Fun Cemetery in Toussaint

Tombstone jokes aren’t; just think of games such as Monkey Island 2, Divinity Original Sin, Oblivion, to mention some. “The Witcher 3 is no exception. There are many hilarious inscriptions in the cemetery of Toussaint, and the most interesting thing is that the names that appear on graves were borrowed by CD Projekt Red staff.

For instance, here’s a politician: “Caroline Nieweglowski. believed in the possibility of a reciprocally beneficial deal could be reached with all parties. Was killed in negotiations with an angry creature.” Of course, Caroline Nieweglowska was the quality control supervisor at CDPR at the time.

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The Talking Plot

The “What are the horses talking about?” quest is easy to overlook since it’s located far away from the main events; however, it’s among the most entertaining quests in the game. Geralt drinks a potion that has the most unusual effect that Geralt has a complete understanding of the love for his horse, Plot.

The story is funny. It’s not just laughter through tears. Geralt has named all one of his horses Carpenter because he doesn’t wish to keep a list of animals that, in general, isn’t a problem to feel good about losing. It’s not surprising that the career of being an undead hunter isn’t the most healthy one. When Carpenter reacts in response to the Geralt persona, he simply understands new concepts. It turns out that horses are similar to dwarves since they don’t have a vengeance.

A tombstone in the cemetery

Many people do not know about this hunt because it’s deep within the sewers surrounding Novigrad It’s difficult to locate without knowing. It’s unlikely to be found by chance.

Inside the sarcophagus is the sarcophagus of a friendly vampire. If you assist the professor in opening the sarcophagus, the friendly vampire will ask you what year it was. If he gets the answer, the professor will ask you in strict terms to close the lid and take it off. Naturally, that irritable professor will demand that you return to the cabinet.

There are many options to choose from. You can choose to leave the cute vampire in peace, but you could also lift the lid and confront him because the grumpy professor needs something. If you don’t approach the vampire, the story is a part of your journal for all time.

Wedlock Schrodinger

Witches are required to remain neutral, remain in control of their feelings, and only kill monsters. Sometimes it is the human race that is the terrifying monsters. There is, however, an event in the game in which a witch has killed all the village. Geralt can choose between murdering the manor leaving him alone. In the second scenario, both witches are returned to the refuge.

Geralt finds out in the letters that the witch could provide his reasons for the murder. The villagers were able to attack the witch. In the same letter, it is stated that two witches also escaped. However, another witch was named Schroedinger may have been either dead or alive.

An arrow inside the knee


If you’ve never been playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, You’ve probably heard of the arrow-in-the-knee meme that took over the Internet at some point. The phrase comes from the game “I had a passion for an adventure like you until an arrow in mine struck me. nee.

“The Witcher 3” jokingly makes fun of this meme. The words concerning the arrow that is in the knee are repeated several, times and Shani discusses her guardian within”Stone Hearts. “Stone Hearts” supplement. In one instance, however, in Skellig, when an evil creature there is a note which reads, “I was injured in my knee.” However, above the body of the letter, there is an ode to bows, and it’s evident. It’s a Skyrim reference, even though it’s not precise. However, accuracy isn’t required for these references.

Take care of white rabbits

“The “Monty Python” is now considered to be outdated; however, their wit and humor will remain forever in the minds of many people. Another one the characters that “The Witcher 3” is also a tribute to is the white rabbit that was evil in “Monty Python” and “The Holy Grail.”

When you reach the exit of the cave, you can spot a tiny white rabbit soaring through piles of bones, blood, and human remains. Luckily it’s quite friendly. Therefore, Geralt can brew all kinds of potions and use all the mutagens available in all the universe; however, when faced with this kind of beast, it won’t be able to help.

Tattoo took from The Witcher 2

It’s not too difficult to obtain this passport, but one requirement is that Geralt be drunk in the bar of The Witcher Part 2. He’s so drunk that he awakes with a tattoo on his neck.

It can be removed however, if the user leaves the tattoo and then moves his save files to the next part the tattoo will remain. This should be an example for all – if you’re looking to have a tattoo, make sure not to get it done while drunk.

Pass A38

This side quest may be annoying for some, but fans of the classic Asterix Twelve Feats cartoon will be delighted to hear about the popular cartoon. Geralt is faced with the daunting job of defying bureaucracy and getting the famous A38 pass.

It’s a bit difficult as the same person can send you to another person, and all of them claim that you don’t have proper documents and make mistakes. Bureaucracy may be more frustrating in games than actually; however, this Easterling is certainly a critic of the system by showing it in its sexiest way.

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Lounge near the fireplace

Few modern games have gained the same amount of fame and popularity in the same way as the Dark Souls series, and it’s not surprising to see other game titles pay homage to the series. After a thrilling encounter with a giant from this Blood and Wine add-on, Geralt has the option of exploring the cave that lies beneath the battleground.

There’s a fire that has the sword inside, and you’ll have a restful and well-deserved break. You can also keep the sword, as it’s still useful in other quests. The passchalk isn’t as bad as it appears at first glance, particularly given that the primary strategy of combat used in these two games involves rolling.

Smith Hattori

This merchant from the Elven realm is well-known to players of all levels, and they know that he’s adept at cooking dumplings. However, his main passion is creating swords. When you have completed the “Swords and Dumplings” quest, he’ll sell you great swords.

If you are aware that the character in question is an homage to both the blacksmith from the beginning of Kill Bill and Hattori Hanzo, the well-known Japanese Ninja from the Sengoku era, the character is packed with more significance. He has completed his quest won’t result in negative consequences. You’ll be able to purchase excellent swords from him, but he’ll continue to make dumplings, either.

Wailing Angels of Velen

This is a gag that everyone Doctor Who fan will appreciate as it evokes an episode of Doctor Who’s a most frightening race: the Weeping Angels. There’s a small structure within the cemetery of Wellen, which has two angels sitting opposite the entryway.

If you go away, you will notice they’ll be moving every when that you walk away towards them. Even if they aren’t bothering you in any way and disappear completely after turning your back towards them several times, it’s somewhat uncomfortable. For the sake of safety, be sure to remember not to blink.

Ciri speaks about Cyberpunk 2077

It’s likely that most people who played Cyberpunk are familiar with Cyberpunk. It’s also safe to claim the time The Witcher 3 first came out; nobody who was watching this show knew what it was about.

Today, following the release in Cyberpunk 2077, we have a better understanding of precisely what she was trying to convey to us all those years ago. She certainly went to the future. We’ve witnessed in a few ways that were the exact opposite of past Ciri – Ciri is featured in Knight City, however, only on the front cover of the magazine.

Tomb Raider Skeleton

I’m not sure we anticipated finding any Tomb Raider references on our first run-through. However, the nature of the”real” Tomb Raider caught our attention without exaggeration. Within the Great Escape quest, Skeletal remains can be seen within an abandoned tomb. Geralt usually doesn’t say anything in these situations, but Geralt is smirking and describes the skeleton as the tomb raider, who is attracted by the treasures of the elves.

Do not take this game too seriously The comedy is quite funny. The Witcher is rather unpretentious sometimes, it’s even black or childish. Imagine it as an amusing variation on Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider series.

William’s Scream

There’s probably no medium with sound nowadays where Wilhelm’s booming voice isn’t heard at least once. We’ve heard it in TV shows, movies, and obviously, video games. However, in this game, it’s not used as a feature by itself; but instead, it’s used as a PassMark that can be heard after Geralt’s death or even an NPC who is hostile.

It’s only right to make use of this phrase because it’s possible to be caught totally in the middle of nowhere. The appearance of the phrase is not or is it guaranteed or guaranteed in any manner. Of course, it’s controversial. You can enjoy a jolly laugh at its absurdity or scream in agony when you hear that horrifying sound.

The final chapter of Tyrion Lannister

It is only natural that a game set in an environment that is based on historical events from the Middle Ages would feature passages from one of the most well-known TV shows of the day that was set in a similar environment. There are a variety of islands in Skellig. One of them is an inmate. There is an astronomical cell in which the remains of a body that is very like Tyrion Lannister of “Game of Thrones” is.

It’s impossible to imagine that anyone would survive in the same cell in Skellig’s cold and cold climate. It’s a shame that Tyrion, who passed away in the cell, didn’t have the time to learn how to fly.

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