The Wildest And Most Hilarious News Of 2021!

The news team wishes you a happy New Year’s Day and wishes you (and us) more fascinating, interesting, and inspirational stories from the gaming industry!

Our newscasters are enjoying their salads and will emerge from champagne mugs as well as mugs filled with Olivier on the 3rd of January. But don’t fear, if Gabe Announces Half-Life 3 we’ll surely write about the event! You won’t be left without content: If our magic isn’t a disaster, it will be a success.

will be announced next week, on December 31, just before the New Year. (No, not any video results for 2021).

In the meantime, we’ll offer you an impromptu list of totals which include the most exciting, funny, hilarious, wildest, and most hilarious news from 2021! (A more detailed selection of this year’s news awaits you on this page – things such as NFT or Activision Blizzard went there.)

Gamemade in the United States continues to gain the strength

In 2021, there were numerous excellent games played in Russia and CIS, and in 2022 the trend is likely to continue. It is unlikely that all of the projects listed will be released in the coming year, but something new and exciting about these projects will be revealed to us.

  • Family, welcome, son incredible conceptual trailers of the sluggish horror shooting game “ILL” (plus newer video).
  • Militsioner is a game that revolves around the size of a policeman that watches your every move.
  • Replaced an action thriller set in a retro 80s style (with gorgeous pixels! ).
  • The 13-minute version of the Day Before Japanese survivalist with notes from The Last Of Us The Division and The Division.
  • PIONER is an post-apocalyptic MMO shooter set on a Soviet island.

Also there’s S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. Atomic Heart (or “Remember …” for those who are in search of more than art-house).

Lampop from the Year

        • The 1st of April SG gathering took place in Biisk. You couldn’t believe it however, it did happen! One three, two and video.
        • The fans who were fans of Ghost of Tsushima have raised money to help restore this shrine located at Tsushima Island.
        • “Skyrim Granny” was a companion to Skyrim.
        • Heralt Oak and Regis Ash In Poland the trees that have been around for centuries were named in honor of the characters from The Witcher.
        • Bonus and Gamover reached high on Reddit for the last 25 years in between the reviews for Doom.

Dry facts

The top 2021 trends on SG in accordance with the raw numbers! Note that These aren’t “clean” tops because certain unfairly improved or particularly appropriate topics were taken off the list. An excellent example of an unfairly Imbovy item would be a story on the Apex Legends tournament with the direct request for you to make comments on the event – naturally, there would be plenty of comments!

The data is based on the 25th of December

Top B comments


      1. Spotify for PlayStation is now available. Spotify for PlayStation is now available in Russia as well as Ukraine. 475 comments. With Spotify Of course the comments are not that important. to do with it.
      2. Jack in Mass Effect 2 was made heterosexual due to the fact that BioWare wanted to avoid an media scandal. 363 comments.
      3. Cameras within Mass Effect Legendary Edition does not focus on butts. 330 comments.
      4. God of War (2018) will be available for computers on January 14th, 2022. 312 Comments.
      5. Epic Games has bought the developers of the game Fall Guys. The game isn’t going to be taken off Steam. 309 comments.


      1. The greatest deceit What was going on with the conclusion in Mass Effect 3. 179 comments.
      2. Japanese Vacation s most anticipated JRPGs. 143 comments.
      3. If someone asks a friend: the top 10 games for erotica in Steam. 111 comments.
      4. War always has the fluctuations and turbulence of Russian fan-voiced voiceovers. 98 comments.
      5. The wait was worth it -all regarding Mass Effect Legendary Edition. 97 comments.


      1. Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous. 164 comments.
      2. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy The Final Edition. 129 comments.
      3. Scarlet Nexus. 122 comments.
      4. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4. 102 comments.
      5. Tales of Arise. 98 comments.

Tops based on views

If you’re wondering how this or that subject came up on top it is not a problem. It is an unanswerable question to us how some content can garner millions of views!


      1. The makers of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 show off new outfits, gun porn and the latest generation of teeth. 84,500 views.
      2. The pornoblockbuster Subverse begins on March 26th, March. 82,900 views.
      3. The writers of Between Us discuss the reasons for why it’s taking so much time to finish. 77,600 views.
      4. Cameras within Mass Effect Legendary Edition does not focus on the asses. 60,600 views.
      5. Super Seducer 3 doesn’t Steam – the number of models wearing underwear has been compared to porn. 53,800 views.


      1. If someone asks a friend: the top 10 games for erotica in Steam. 110,300 views.
      2. E3 and the entire schedules for summer games.
      3. All of it Battlefield 2042: U.S. vs. Russia, 128 players and a tornado and soldier Peter who is nicknamed Boris… 55,000 views.
      4. Worth the wait – all related to Mass Effect Legendary Edition. 51,600 views.
      5. What’s your choice? Purse, or life? An overview of the sale that is happening this summer on Steam. 48,800 views.


      1. Tales of Arise. 65,600 views.
      2. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4. 51,200 views.
      3. WitchSpring3 Re: Fine – The story of Eirudy. 50,100 views.
      4. Griftlands. 48,600 views.
      5. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy The Final Edition. 48,500 views.

Most liked by the number of comments in comments

In the name of the StopGame editorial board, I hereby affirm the following: Legendary Edition will not be the game that is played every year!

Dmitry Kungurov, “Camera in Mass Effect Legendary Edition does not concentrate on adversity. 347 likes.

The monopolists who ruined the world built an excellent store, promoted it for a decade, and didn’t let the new and wealthy citizens get it.

Kyrokis, “Humble Bundle creators are suing Valve because of dominating the PC game market.” 201 likes.

How can I tell whether I’m enjoying the game If I haven’t purchased the game yet?

DWWR, “”If you love the game, get it at full price” Developer Days gone on the reason why the game did not get an expansion. 186 likes.

Commenters have provided the ideal replacement. Image that does not include the quote.

Aptemm001 “Twitch is changing to the PogChamp smiley face each for 24 hours”. 184 likes.

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