The Video Game All Ponies Have Been Waiting For – Announcement Of My Little Pony A Maretime Bay Adventure

Last year, Bandai Namco has delivered a powerful My Friend Peppapig, the most popular of all and is introducing a brand new candidate for GOTY: My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure. The trailer states that the ponies have been waiting for the title, and what did you last see a trailer fooled anyone?

The main focus will be The New Generation ponies. The principal character is Sonny, who plans to organize a celebration in Meritage Bay to celebrate the magical qualities of friendship and magic. However, some ponies would like to ruin the celebrations If unidentified people are stealing sweets, let rabbits go, and even ruin Pipp’s art!”

To bring back the Christmas spirit, Sonny has to use magic in fashion shows, look for the most adorable animals, take flight with Pegasus, and more. In the game, you can explore the world and personalize your pony using different abilities, including bling, hats, etc. You can invite your friends to fight in mini-games with multiplayer.

My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure will be available on May 27, 2022 for PC (Steam), PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. A console version of the next generation will be released later in the next year as a free upgrade.

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