The Version Of The Huge Long War Mod For Xcom 2 War Of The Chosen Has Finally Made It To Release

The creators of the cult Long War mod didn’t create a mod that was compatible with War of the Chosen in XCOM 2. War of the Chosen because they decided to take the game and made it their own. However, they offered players the opportunity to modify the mod by themselves. After four years, they made the port to the latest version.

The long War of the Chosen will make the game more lengthy and difficult. You have more tools for playing, The enemies are tougher, and the status effects differ. You can also control multiple troops in troop trees. The processes in the global map alter as well. If you’ve got one of the Shen’s last Gift or Alien Hunters DLCs installed in your game, SPARK robots are more powerful. SPARK robots are stronger, and the alien Lords are more sinister.

War of the Chosen

Significantly transforms “vanilla” XCOM 2 Also Long War of the Chosen.

It is distinct from the Chosen’s face (the combat with the Chosen became more difficult) zombies, new varieties of allies and enemies, and so on. To see a complete list of the differences between Long War of the Chosen and Long War 2.

The developers of Long War of the Chosen suggest choosing an easier difficulty than the one you are used to playing in the standard War of the Chosen. Additionally, a variety of options are now available in the advanced settings section before launching a new campaign, and you should disable framerate anti-aliasing within the graphics menu. This is a way to break the mod.

Download the finished Version of Long War of the Chosen through using the Steam Wizard (if you have Alien Hunters; then you’ll also require this). Based on the information on the page, an English translation in Russian is available. It is also available on Nexus Mods; however, at the moment and at the time of writing the news thereisn’tan an official version, but it is a beta 5 version. However, it is incredibly close to the finished version, which is why you can download it.

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