The Valheim Guide to Taming Animals

There are plenty of exciting things to see in Valheim, including a sprawling map with dangerous adventures to entire towns that you can construct together with your pals. However, if you’re struggling to keep the food and water flowing to the people of your tiny settlement when you’re hunting on your own, There’s a simple way to help your community become self-sufficient: you can tame animals.

Wild boars are a threat to wild boars

Pigs are among the first and simplest animals you can manage. They have the same food sources as wild animals and reproduce as long as you provide them with. They are the best to use for this. Boars are boars, and you’ll have an ongoing supply of skin and meat.

You first need a pen, a secure enclosure with an entrance. To facilitate your work to construct it, you can place the pen near your base. However, it should be close enough to the boars.

When you build a corral, you’ll be able to walk around to discover a few boars. To scare them, have them chase you until they reach their new residence, and when they’re inside, shut the door to make sure they won’t be able to escape. Bear in mind that boars are scared of fire, so ensure that they don’t need to chase around you, chasing the torchlights.

The next step to mastering the boar is to feed them. They’ll consume any plant, so simply choose some vegetables or fruits and throw them into the pen by taking them from your inventory and then clicking out of the window. It’s unnecessary to be in the vicinity during their meal – if you’re too close to them, they may stop eating.

Taming could take a couple of days, but in the end, you’ll be able to have a cute, adorable pet animal. If you keep multiple boars in one pen, they’ll begin to reproduce. This will create a renewable resource; however, the boars require space. Take a few boars out after the pen is filled and cook barbecue.

Taming the wolves

Wolves are only seen in the cold mountain regions. The first time you contact them is not likely to be a success. They’re wild, strong, and will gnaw at you the moment they get the chance.

It is recommended to construct an enclosure for them at a minimum by putting up a palisade fence because they could tear into pieces with the same ease as you could.

The rest of the procedure is similar to the process of taming boars. Locate the wolf, turn around, get away from it, then lure it back to the pen, and close the door…hopefully, you’ll be back on the opposite side.

The other difference between wolves and boars is the way they eat. Wolves require raw food to control and breed. It’s hazardous to venture into the enclosure. Therefore, we suggest constructing an elevated platform on the top of the fence and feeding them from it, as did the velociraptors from the well-known film.

Taming the L. lox

Boxes that make the tame wolves appear tame are found in the plains. They’re so powerful that they can rip down the most formidable fences.

If you’d like to manage them, it’s only feasible out in nature. You can sneak into their territory and throw them some cloudberry or barley, then walk away. Once they are tamed, you can create enclosures and breed them just like other animals.

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