The Thriller Martha Is Dead Had To Be Censored On Playstation But Not On Other Platforms

Martha Is Dead an emotional thriller in which personal tragedy unfolds amid the backdrop of World War II. There are some extremely disturbing scenes within the film that Sony did not like.

Publisher Wired Productions and Studio LKA LKA have revealed that certain elements from Martha is Dead “had to be changed” for PlayStation. Both the PC as well as Xbox versions of the game didn’t alter anything.

The exact nature of the changes was not stated. The media asked for more information, but representatives from Wired Productions said they could not comment on the matter and that everything they could say was already previously stated. According to speculation, the PlayStation has removed the scene (careful and shock-inducing content) in which the player is required to cut off the face the body of a man.

Wired Productions and LKA insist their belief that Martha is Dead is suitable for only adults as well as stating that in the promotional materials and at the start of the game, it’s clarified that there are themes and scenes which could trigger discomfort. This team worked for Martha is Dead for more than four years and abruptly making changes that were not planned in the PlayStation version was not a pleasant experience.

Martha Is dead will be available via the PlayStation digital store in time, however the physical version had to be delayed, possibly for a few weeks.

The setting for the game is Italian Tuscany in 1944. In the main storyline, there is girl Giulia, the daughter of a German soldier. She learns that her twin sister Marta was soiled and drowned. Then Julia has to deal with the loss of her sister and uncover the truth amid mystical folklore and the inconceivable terrors of war that are coming.

The release date for Martha is dead is scheduled for February 24th, 2022 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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