The TakeOver Review – Another Good Bitemap Review

The latest game in Streets of Rage will be released very shortly, but luckily there are other games that fit into the beat’em’up category. For instance, The TakeOver, which was released previously on PC as well as Nintendo Switch, and now is available on PlayStation. To celebrate the launch of the project on the new platform, we’ve released a review that will discuss whether the project is worth your time and attention.

  • Producer: Pelikan13
  • Publisher: Pelikan13, DANGEN Entertainment
  • The release date is October 10, 2019, PC on June 4, 2020 to Nintendo Switch, May 20 2020 PlayStation4/PS5

The TakeOver was designed by the tiny indie studio Pelikan13 The creators were clearly influenced by classic games. However, they didn’t overlook adding certain innovative elements to their game.

The plot follows three characters: Ethan, Megan, and Connor and Connor, who help save Ethan as well as Megan’s daughter who was adopted by criminals who abducted her. The script is simple and gives the main characters plenty of motivation. chic comic insertions enhance the games episodes.

The characters vary in their character traits. Ethan has the best balance. Megan is quick , but weak and Connor is very powerful however, he is also slow. The system of combat is quite simple that we use an arm and leg kick and an incredibly powerful stab which sever some of the hero’s strength.

Attacks are combined into combos. By alternating strategies, you’ll get more effective attacks. In addition, you’ll have firearms to your arsenal of heroes. They can do a lot of damage, however there’s limited ammunition. Weapons can also be retrieved according to the canons that define the genre Money, sandwiches as well as mounts, katanas and assault rifles are thrown out of barrels and crates that you break.

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In order to perform combos and not take harm, characters fill up an extra meter, that allows them to launch devastating attacks that strike every opponent on screen. It is, however, hard to avoid being injured, since the opponents strike at the same time, and there’s constantly more than one, and typically, the arena is full of different fighters from normal goons to robots that have firethrowers and machine guns. The heroes then gradually increase their the rage meter. Once they activate this mode, they’ll deal more damage.

This game will take you to seven locations that are themed each one with three levels that culminate in an epic boss fight. The levels are well-known to those who play beat’em’up games that you travel between left and right battling opponents while destroying the surroundings. Two levels, however, were a surprise to me. One put me in the driver’s seat of a vehicle and took me on a chase and the other was an arcade-style aerial game featuring gunfights. The pace of the game, giving an escape from the boring combat.

Once you’ve finished the story after which you can start it again in challenge mode with additional rules (like “don’t be a victim of damage”) as well as play in the arena mode, where your protagonist will be surrounded in waves by enemies. It also has co-op in only one screen, which means you can invite a friend to join you on your journey If you’d like.

The challenges in The TakeOver are exactly the similar to other games of beat’em’up: confusion regarding the attack lines. You could end up striking air at the opponent because you’re just a millimeter or two higher or lower than the other. It is also worth noting the lengthy load times on SSD the levels are short and the transitions between them are followed by loading screens. when this gets old, it becomes irritating.

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It’s also worthy to be considered with the mastodons of the genre. Pelikan13 has created an action-packed, fast-paced game that is worth sacrificing some free evenings for.

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