The Steam Deck Is Not Going To Be Rescheduled Again

Steam Deck has been delayed once before between December 2021 and February 2022. Are we able to count on another postponement? It’s not the case, according to that Valve.

The company has announced information in January about its portable computer. The most significant of the news:

We’re sticking with the timeline and plan to deliver our Steam Deck devices within the timeframe. Despite the global pandemic, supply issues, and shipping, we likely&will&be&presented&to date.

Valve is also working to make games that work to Steam Deck by testing four major categories: input controls seamless transition, mapping, and support for the system. To allow developers to try out their ideas, The company continues to release models for the devices.

Be aware that the February Steam Deck release release release Steam Deck applies only to the US, Canada, the European Union, and the UK. Deliveries to other regions are expected to start around 2022. Perhaps in Russia.

The first devices to assess.

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