The Sims 4 secrets and surprises

The Sims series, which has been running for more than twenty years has been awe-inspiring fans with captivating worlds that are simple to lose yourself into, completely forgetting the world around you. There is an traditional Willow Creek with its Victorian setting, as well as a mysterious Strangerville and its deserts and a bright San Micheano with its modern art, and lots of other intriguing destinations. They are all packed with lots of details, and the amount of care and consideration that the game displays is a source of respect.

With all the intricate worlds that are available there should be a few passages that are suitable that are for the most attentive and interested. The truth is that With each new entry, players continue to uncover new secrets. They can be either allusions to films, songs and other works of pop culture, or secret game mechanics that may not have an impact on the game however, they can result in a hilarious outcome. Let’s look at some of these hidden secrets.


  • 1. Very Unusual Things in Strangerville
  • 2 Moana
  • Three A nod to the Queen song
  • 4 Puddles of Funny Puddles with funny shapes
  • 5 Cheats from Konami games
  • 6 A photo of an unhappy clown
  • Seven Sims 3 is on television.
  • 8 . New girl and her neighbors
  • 9 homeless Camp at Del- Sol- Valley
  • 10, Bella Goth as well as the Possessed
  • 11 Emily the Sea Monster Sea Monster
  • Twelve Spirits of Smoke, derived from Gone with the By Ghosts
  • 13. World of Seixim
  • 14 patterns of Perfection and the Rascals
  • 15 Kites in Brindleton- Bay

Strangerville is a very strange place to do business. Strangerville

People who have followed the plot of the “Strangerville” add-on will be familiar with the frightful plant life that is found in the local secret lab. Many shoots and offshoots ultimately take the protagonist towards the Mother Plant the Mother Plant, a gigantic frightening creature that is believed to be responsible for every incident that has occurred in recent times.

The design of the plant appears similar to The Demogorgon in The Netfilx sci-fi horror movie Stranger Things, especially the petals of the monster’s “head” They look exactly like the character wore instead of a head in the show. It’s not surprising that those who created the add-on were truly inspired from Stranger Things, not only in the creation of the Mother Plant and the Mother Plant, but also in the process of creating the entire add-on too.


The Living on an Island add-on includes a brand new public bathroom that has male and female restrooms depicted with cute illustrations of islands. People who are familiar with Disney’s work have noticed that the drawn islands to characters of the animated film “Moana.”

Because Moana as well as Life on the Island are identical in themes and setting It’s likely they were inspired by the Disney work was the an inspiration to the artists that created these sketches.

The Queen’s name is mentioned

It’s not a lot of Easter eggs to be found in”At University. “At the University” supplement. However, something intriguing can be discovered if you pay close attention to descriptions for objects often there are reference in popular media.

For example on game play in the English Version of the game, one the bicycles is referred to as “Bicycle… Bicycle!” It’s a line in the tune “Bicycle Race” by Queen. It’s in the Russian version, the concept of being a reference to the song’s reference to the name for the bicycle is present, but here the bicycle is referred to as “I’ll remain long” in reference to work by indigenous artists. Both versions are equally appropriate and effectively describe the mood the people who have anticipated the introduction of bicycles on the field and are now allowed to ride their bikes.

Bikes with funny shapes

If you see your sibling break the water faucet and sits there, watching water pour on the flooring, you shouldn’t get too fast to be angry and force him to take care of himself. Sure, a faucet that has been damaged isn’t a pleasant thing, however, it’s also an opportunity to witness an unexpected Easterling coming from the designers.

You just have to wait till the water on your floor gets to its largest possible size. If it does it, you can alter the appearance of it by selecting one of the design styles. It is possible to make the puddle look like of the shape of a rubber bath duck! I’m not sure the reason for this feature being in the game however, it’s entertaining.

Cheats from Konami games

The The Sims 4: Baby Stuff catalog, there’s a delightful delight for those who love the older hardcore games. A peek at the description of the baby wicket (Trapped Tots in the English version) reveals a reference to a famous cheat from Konami’s games – a combination of “up-down-down-down-down-right-right-B-A” presses.

The cheat is well-known for appearing in numerous Konami games, and even beyond, delivering various positive effects across games, while maintaining the same design. It eventually became so well-known that it currently “works” on a variety of renowned sites, like Twitch as well as Google Hangouts, and even Alex’s voice assistant from Amazon recognizes it and responds with a unique manner.

Photo of sad clown

The fans from Sims 4 and the Sims series are fully aware of who Sad Clown is, but few people know the fact that, within Sims 4 there is the ability to choose to make him appear. This can be accomplished by using an image with the proper title. If the Sims are able to look at it, it’ll be granted the title of “Sad Clown. If the character is wearing a clown’s outfit and the “Tears of clowns” option will appear.

If this is the case it is likely that the character will find himself in the midst sadness and the people who surround him will be in the impression of “What is happening! However however, as clown one learns to play a game and makes people laugh.

Sims 3 on TV

If your Sims are seated for a TV show, you can take the time to look closely at what’s happening on screen and observe a few common elements. The first is that every TV show is “filmed” on Sims 3, and second the majority of them are all a reference to real-life movies series, shows, and even movies.

If Sims switches to the melodrama channel, it’s a show that takes place in the Victorian period, which is a reference towards the Downton Abbey series. Also, there’s a film with the characters of mummies and adventurers. It’s which is a clear allusion towards the “Mummy” film series.

A New Teenager and her neighbors

Oasis Springs has a housemates community consisting of three young people together with their roommate. If you’ve ever watched the TV show New Girl, you’ll definitely recognize the obvious similarities – especially because the female lead is played by actress Zooey Deschanel, and the neighbour’s name was Zoe Patel. There’s a clear remark to New Girl, and an account of what the commune is claims that the guys “look like they’ve stepped off of the TV screen.”

Del Sol Valley homeless camp

Within the “Path To Glory” add-on, it is possible to find a mysterious passchalk beneath the bridge at Mirage Park. If you look through the camera mode, you’ll find tiny tents. Because the concept of Del Sol Valley was the real-life Los Angeles, it is likely that the game was designed to address the issue of the rising number of homeless in American cities that has grown increasingly serious over the last few years.

This type of subject is generally difficult to incorporate into games, and it is important to acknowledge the creators for not being afraid how to reduce the glitter and beauty in Del Sol Valley with a dose of brutal realities.

Bella Goth and the Obsessed

Bella Goth can, without exaggeration, be described as the most famous character of the entirety of The Sims series. The mysterious girl first appeared in the very first game and is now an important element in the story of this world. The mysterious girl’s disappearance from Sims 2 caused a stir in the hearts of fans and generated many theories as to the possibility of what happened.

The “Strangerville” add-on there are supernatural Sims who talk in bizarre ways. One of the phrases they use is a reference to Bella which is described as “our mom in the red.”

Emily’s Sea Monster

When you reach Windenburg, which is located in the Utes in Windenburg You are likely to see something unique in the water. For instance, a sea creature that is, in fact, was previously seen in earlier games of the series like The Sims: Unleashed, where it was visible inside Windenburg’s Old Town.

This is a clear allusion to the myth of Nessie, the mysterious creature from Lake Loch Ness. In the local area, Nessie is called Emily and, although you aren’t able to meet her in person however, you can purchase an ornamental snow globe that has a smaller version of her inside The Living in the City add-on.

The Death from Soot is a scene from Gone with the Ghosts

When you go on vacation in Granite Falls, your Sims may encounter various insects and bizarre living creatures. They include the Dust Spirits which are large, fluffy, round lumps of black which appear in the local forest in the night.

Similar creature, or at a minimum quite similar in appearance, reside in the worlds of fantasy created by Hayao Miyazaki, like from the animation film Gone with the Ghosts. It is possible that the tiny ghosts of soot were adorable to the creators and so they chose to offer the viewers the opportunity to create two.

World of Sixim

In the game “Get to work!” Your sims are able to dedicate their lives to the profession of scientist, conducting diverse research and inventing innovative technologies. In the final stage of progress in this profession it is possible to create a wormhole generator, and, with it’s help, get to a secret location on the site known as Siksim.

Sixim can be described as an alien realm that is filled with strange flora and fauna that is located in another dimension or within a different star system. There you can acquire rare specimens and objects and take them home to explore. There are intelligent locals too who are aliens, but technically speaking these aliens are your Sims. There’s nothing unique in the idea that this place exists, but the title (in its English version) is a referenceto: Sixam is the name inverted of Maxis The company that invented The Sims franchise.

The Sims of Excellence and the Raskolniks

In the sequel “Having Spaß Together! ” Clubs were added to the game. There were clubs initially included in the game there are two rival club: “Exemplars of Excellence” and “Rascals.” It may appear to be a reference to stereotypes. the first group gathered self-confident, popular men who have good looks. the other – the informals who are not a fan of the social norms and the notion of “normal”.

It’s more complex than that, but. Actually clubs’ names that are in the English version”Paragons” and “Renegades,” respectively “Paragons” or “Renegades” in particular – allude to a game developed by EA called Mass Effect, where exactly similar to the way in which the player progresses to moral growth of the main character. In the version in the localization of Mass Effect they were called “Hero” and “Renegades” which makes it difficult to discern this connection.

Brindleton Bay, the Kites are located at Brindleton Bay

When you’re walking near the beach in Cavalier Bay, which is located in Brindleton Bay, which is part of Brindleton Bay in “Cats and Dogs” add-on You might observe something different. If you zoom into the background using the camera for screenshots there will be people on the beach , and even flying kites.

If you examine them closely at the details, you’ll realize that these aren’t real Sims they’re simple two-dimensional static textures put in the background as scenery. As time passes and computers are becoming faster, gaming are much more real, while game developers still make use of this technique of using flat backgrounds. What’s the reason?

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