The Sims 3 secrets and surprises

You think you know everything about your beloved Sims 3? But what if there’s something you’ve never seen all the time? We recommend you go through it.

It’s possible that this is one of the biggest source of entertainment in The Sims 3 – situations that are truly unusual. For instance, when an aunt Matilda attends the wedding dressed in a swimming suit like no one has ever taught her any behavior or manners.

The game’s developers have it in their hands – and you must attribute it to their ability to entertain, their creativity and attention to details aren’t afraid to give players something else to play. The game is full of unique surprises, and features that don’t seem obvious that make the game more exciting and enjoyable. You just have to be aware of them. Below are 13 interesting details regarding Sims 3, and some of them might not have caught your notice.

Amazing facts concerning Sims 3

  1. Toy bears can be placed into cribs for purchase.
  2. Pregnant Sims who eat apple or dishes that contain the fruit are likely be fathered by boys. If the sim is a watermelon eater However it is likely that there will be a high chance that a girl will be born.
  3. Sim is able to determine the sex of the baby before birth when he is the minimum level 5 of his medical professional career. Find out the gender through friendships.
  4. Click on the light source to alter their brightness and color.
  5. Sims can age anytime they want to, not just when they reach the time they reach the end of their lives. Purchase a birthday cake and present this to your Sim you wish to grow old for them to light the candles.
  6. Little Sims can go fishing in the pools.
  7. Good sims are able to give money to charities. To do this, pick the sim you like and select the mailbox.
  8. If rock stars perform in public, those surrounding their appearance will either cheer them on or shout at them in disapproval.
  9. Hands-on Sims are able to plug in their speakers, so that the music played on a functioning radio is heard throughout the home.
  10. Sims who make a choice to pursue a career as a criminal can’t be taken away.
  11. If your sims suffer from displeasure Take a closer look at the space they’re in. The reason may be located nearby. It could be due to dirty dishes, food that is rotten or garbage, or even unfinished floors.
  12. Ghost Sims can have normal children or ghost children. In order for a ghostchild to be born, the parents do not have to be ghosts themselves , it’s enough to have at the very least one to be ghosts.
  13. You can end the existence of the simulation by turning it into ghost. The reason for death could be drowning, fire electrocution, starvation or age. If, however, your sim is vegetarian, death due to old age may have to be a bit longer.

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