The Secret Code in DOOM Eternal

The Executioner’s chamber in the Guardian’s Keep is equipped with a computer, which requires the use of a password. Here’s how you can get the password and its use.

The just-published DOOM Eternal has a huge variety of hidden secrets. A majority (cheat codes album, toys, runes, etc.) are located in various corners of the story. However, the Guardian’s Keep isn’t one of them – it is where you’ll end up after you’ve completed almost every task.

How to get there? Hangman’s Room

There’s plenty you can do with the Solid State. It’s, for instance, the only place you can locate and unlock the skins (primary costume for your character) by using Guardian batteries. There are also skins available for the Executioner and weapons, and they’re open to those who have achieved specific goals. However, here they are unlocked like other collectibles.

If you walk down one level below, you will see an area with semi-circles. There is a door behind it that connects to the Executioner’s residence. You should take a closer look. There’s plenty to look at in this game. You’ll even learn what the game’s main character does in his spare time. There’s a desk that he’s likely to use to create new weapons. There is equipment that will aid in keeping him fit, and guitars hung on the wall that makes it clear that the Hangman enjoys heavy metal, as performed in the hands of Mick Gordon. The shelves also collect found toys and weapons that aren’t locked (one of which, incidentally, is a secret weapon that we will discuss in a separate article).

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Take a look at this historic PC. Have a closer look at it, then interact, and you’ll find two floppies in this. There’s a different control system within this PC located in the lower right-hand corner part of the monitor.

How do you unlock floppy disks?

Two floppy disks offer access to the classic DOOM games DOOM and DOOM 2. The first disk is made available once you have access to the cheat codes for all 14 levels. Eleven of them are hidden in the story level. Two are found on the Guardian’s Fortress. Another unlocks you to ultimately improve the Praetorian suit to earn points with the identical name. Once you’ve got all of the floppies, you can play DOOM, the classic DOOM released in 1993 in 1993, on PC within the Executioner’s Room.

In the case of the second floppy and DOOM 2, the game requires an unimportant password of some kind. You can enter the Flynn Taggart password and play the sequel to the shooter that was popular for years!

What is the source of this password? originate from?

This code is familiar to players of DoOM. DOOM. Flynn Taggart, also known simply as Fly, is the main character more well-known to the public for his role as DOOM Guy. He is also known as Executioner.

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