The Sea Lantern Festival Will Return To Genshin Impact Starting January 5 Along With A Free Hero To Choose From

Chinese producer miHoYo has revealed details of the first update of Genshin Impact in 2022. In update 2.4, the players will again be able to experience an experience similar to the Lee Yue Sea Lantern Festival and will be able to win cash prizes. Additionally, the creators will offer the chance to win new characters and heroes from earlier banners. Let’s discuss the order in which it will be.

  • Ekanomiya is a brand new region situated beneath the Island of Watatsumi within Inazuma. It is afloat deep under the ocean and continuously destroyed due to the Abyss. There isn’t a night-time day cycle in this area, and travelers must turn on Dainichi Mikoshi, an artificial sun created from an old civilization.
  • New enemies: Vishaps of the deep hunt in groups and readers of the Abyss which ignore shields and cause massive damage by launching fiery assaults.
  • A pole of Genshin Impact heroes will be joined by two ladies Five-star Cryo persona Shen He and four-star opera singer Yun Jin with the element Geo.

The 2.4 update is available 5 January, across PC, PlayStation and mobile devices that run iOS or Android.

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