The Russia Add-On For Euro Truck Simulator 2 Will Include Ryazan

Russia isn’t just Moscow and Peter; however, it also includes, for instance, Ryazan. Studio SCS Software will try to bring its spirit and the essence of this state by incorporating the Heart of Russia for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The authors say that they chose to revive Ryazan because of its proximity to truckers

It is located close to the Oka River; Ryazan is an industrial hub that is a bustling transportation hub. Despite its size, Ryazan isn’t usually listed on the popular tourist destinations in Russia. If you choose to go there, you will see gorgeous historical landmarks, like cathedrals, and other fascinating places such as museums that draw visitors and residents alike.

In the virtual city, there is The Ryazan Kremlin. Not as notable are the buildings: an oil refinery as well as an oil storage facility as well as a sawmill, warehouses, automobile dealers, shopping malls, and residential complexes situated within the main route.

The date of release for “Heart of Russia” is still not.

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