The Roguelike Mode Steam Release Vr On Pc And Other News About The Second Year Of Hitman 3’S Development

IO Interactive held an event where they spoke about the development process in the second year for HITMAN 3.. There are numerous content enhancements along with technical improvements and many features specifically designed for PC.


Mode is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2022.

  • A sort of “RPG” that is based on HITMAN.
  • In this way, Agent 47 has its own shelter in which you can get ready for a mission.
  • In Asylum you can choose your own campaign and contract they differ in the number of tasks, the amount of money and the level of difficulty.
  • The elements of the campaign are generated randomly.
  • The campaigns are comprised of a variety of missions across various maps. The objectives are easy at first, but gradually you can get closer to the leading person. When you reach the last task, you only have two clues and don’t know the chief.
  • The leader is guarded by deadly guards and their locations are concealed.
  • On missions, you’ll meet vendors who sell tools and weapons. The items are unique each time and will not remain with you even when you have failed an assignment.

The date of release is January 20th of January.

  • A different variation to “Elusive Targets” – offering the possibility of eliminating many victims instead of one.
  • The objectives within Arcade have a sequence and are laid out in a chains. Every level is a distinct objectives and unique requirements.
  • The Arcade objectives never disappear and are always available however, if you fail to complete them, you’ll be able to try again on the following day.
  • The Arcade offers special rewards you can utilize in different game modes.
  • New challenges to the Arcade will emerge gradually throughout 2022.
Elusive Target Arcade interface.
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Improvements in technology

Available during 2022:

  • Ray tracer on PC for shadows and reflections.
  • XeSS technology developed by Intel, which is expected to improve performance with the least loss of quality.
  • Variable Rate Shading is a different technology to improve performance and quality.

Other news

The whole thing happens on the 20th of January

  • HITMAN 3.0 will be released on Steam.
  • It is expected that the PC version will include VR support, which includes full hand tracking. PlayStation didn’t have it.
  • Hitman Trilogy set with all three of the parts will be available on domestic platforms.
  • HITMAN Trilogy will be available as part of Game Pass on Xbox and PC.

The presentation concluded with a teaser for a different site. The release date is expected to be 2022.

Complete recording of the broadcast.

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