The planet Mars is waiting for you, so take your place and develop your colony in Surviving Mars!

Surviving Mars is a game of management requiring you to build an economically viable and sustainable colony on Mars. To achieve this, you’ll have to construct domes, habitats, and factories to ensure the health of every colonist and grow and develop the colony on the planet. It is also necessary to be aware of the harsh environment on the earth which could damage specific components of your facility and learn to manage resources to ensure that your colonists will not be deficient in anything!

The first appearance in the Surviving Mars universe

A map arranged by sector

The map has 90 segments for you to discover! After being scanned manually, or with satellites, which will provide you with more precise information, and also resources wells that cannot be found using conventional analysis, you’ll be able to discover the underground treasures of the area, whether they are veins of metals, riches water sources, metals or concrete as well as the proportion of the area that is buildable which decreases if there are large elements such as the crater, a rock, or even a cliff.

Controlling Resources and Settlers

Controlling your colony on another planet that is not Earth is not accessible. It is essential to learn how to effectively and effectively, as you will combat various climatic changes as well as bad weather and technical challenges. A lack of planning doesn’t cause chaos in this new situation. However, it could cause danger to the existence of your colonists and the facilities. Wouldn’t you expect power interruptions in your city? This will be identical for your colonists. They are also asking for an oxygen production system, which isn’t a reality on Earth; however, it is highly crucial in the case of the survival of your Martian colonists!”

Development and use of resources

For building buildings and to support your colonists, your colonists will be required to make use of on-site, or import from the planet Earth using rockets, a variety of sources such as metals, concrete food uncommon metals, polymers mechanical components, electronic components fuel as well as three essential elements: water, oxygen, and electricity that, in turn, will need to be created within your colony!

Your Martian people are demanding!

A vital aspect of your colony and certainly not the easiest to take care of! Be aware that characters could suffer from malnutrition or death due to lack of oxygen and alcoholism, as well as other causes! To balance and regulate these basic needs in your colony, you must be able to maintain a continuous production and provide your domes with oxygen, food, and water. In terms of the mental well-being that your colony members have, they may also take their own lives if their health is to a low level! However, you can help it improve if you satisfy the desires of their personalities by creating facilities like restaurants, bars, casinos, infirmaries, and even electronics stores that will fill your colonists and joy! Living space is equally crucial, and by building homes where the people who live there are more content than those who live in apartments, even though they are more minor about the number of people you can accommodate in the same space! It is true that touch of the natural world in your community and, significantly, within your domes can add some happiness and greenness for your Martians because of the many gardens, parks, lakes, fountains, lakes, and statues! Be aware that, based on your choice, the choices you make could have severe effects on your population as well as for your community!!

Cars that will assist you in your growth!

  • Exploration This can be helpful to study the irregularities that are present in the different sectors you observe in your new colony and will also give your research points frequently!
  • Transport as the title suggests, you will be able to move resources from point A to point B with this vehicle. You can also develop automated transport routes that will enable you to automatize the transportation of resources.
  • Rover It is like drone hubs, however, in a mobile manner that allows you to create or carry out tasks that are not which drone hubs can cover, which means that you can grow your colony!”

Research and innovation are vital elements to develop!

To improve your infrastructure and improve the level of living of the Martian inhabitants,you’ll need to develop the number of research points you earn for each period of the solar system regardless of whether it’s due to your sponsor’s research centers, research centers, science institutes, settlers who could be geniuses or thanks for your Martian exploratory radio-controlled vehicles! In the end, with all of this, you’ll be able to take on the exploration of more than 100 studies in random order of one activity to the next in the areas of biotechnology, engineering, robotics, physics, and social however, you can also discover significant discoveries, such as alien technology as well as artificial intelligence.

Images worthy of being in a film on Mars!

Surviving Mars is a stunning game with impressive graphic finesse. Even though the game is set in the setting of the most acclaimed science fiction films that aren’t put at risk in this arid and unexplored location, we’re in the position of being quite unique, especially by the way the stars in the night or the reflections that reflect the sun’s reflections on glass structures in the daytime!

Mods will not be lost!

The game already has the Steam Workshop, that allows you, as modder to make your own buildings parks, or even a whole new mystery due to the user-friendly and incredibly complete mod tools. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to show off your most creative designs to the Surviving Mars members to create the ultimate Martian society!

Surviving Mars will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One however, it will also be available on Mac starting on March 15th, 2018 onwards, priced at EUR39.99 through Steam!

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