The place of the newcomer in the galaxy CCP Games told how to quickly get used to EVE Online Review

We talked to CCP Games to find out what challenges players hoping to be part of the EVE Online universe in 2021 will be facing. In the article, an employee of the Icelandic company discusses the initial steps for the capsuleer’s new creation and offers some suggestions about how to begin quickly.

In this article, an employee of the Icelandic company discusses the initial steps of the new capsule. He also gives some suggestions on how to start quickly.

EVE Online is one of the most popular and biggest MMORPGs available. It’s a massive exploration of space through a vast galaxy with more than seven thousand star systems that are brimming with intrigue, mystery, and epic events that are recorded in the history of the universe by the people who live there as capsuleers.

The entire economy in New Eden is regulated by the players, which gives the participants an unimaginable amount of trade and speculation. The magnitude of battles among large coalitions can be so massive that EVE Online repeatedly entered the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest and most expensive PVP battles in the history of video games.

The total number of pilots engaged in these terrifyingly large incidents reached a staggering number of people. The losses those involved in the conflict amounted to tens or several hundred thousand Earth dollars.

If you’re worried that it’s not too late to take up EVE Online because the game isn’t brand new and there are probably not many players remaining, remember that the record for most players was set during the latter half of 2020. Nearly 9,000 players from more than 100 alliances participated in the battle that will be remembered in history in the form of M2-XFE’s massacre. Over 3,400 vessels valued at close to $380,000 were destroyed during the fight.

EVE Online is also one of the oldest multiplayer gaming games. By the time May 2021 is over, CCP Games will be 18 years old. There are many reasons gamers involved in online games have heard of it. However, strangely, nobody has ever tried their hand at being capsules.

There’s indeed been an impression on the internet of EVE Online has a very high threshold. It has been said that the EVE Online project is not a great fit for new players, and it can be difficult for them to grasp the complexities of gameplay mechanics and interfaces to know the proper line of work. All this despite a very welcoming and multi-lingual community.

“This isn’t the case with EVE Online for a long time. This is an untruth that is being circulated the world,” Gretar Bjarnason, the PR manager and marketing specialist at CCP Games, explained. As per his explanation, a comprehensive description of the significant professions is provided in the game, and the intro quest takes the new pilot step by stage through the game’s options.

“This is a sandbox gaming experience that doesn’t need you to travel along a predetermined plot line to get to the conclusion like the majority of MMORPGs do. It’s more like EVE Online will allow players to pick their path in life and follow it through the very beginning,” says Bjarnason.

The PR manager introduced us to the “Agency” system, which CCP introduced to the game just a few years ago. A kind of navigator for all activities within EVE Online, which is created to assist players immediately in getting involved in the activities that are interesting to them.

One part of the navigator is a list of errands offered by different agencies. They are PVE-based missions that were specifically designed for pilots who are solo. Much like the standard MMO missions, you complete an action, such as shooting specific targets, then go to a specific location, fight mobs, gather loot, and receive rewards at the conclusion.

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The encounter section focuses on the challenges and incidents that pilots face while exploring the vastness of New Eden. According to Bjarnason, the encounters can be bounty hunts that explore unknown signals or instances that offer unique loot. They are randomly displayed, and the difficulty level determines the reward’s value.

They will have random quests.

The recruitment “gather resource” quests are designed for players who enjoy mining. Materials gathered from asteroid mining, or gas clouds can be used to construct ships and create ammunition and equipment that can be sold at a profit or given to companies.

Trading in gas or mined minerals is a great and secure way to earn money quickly for those who are just beginning. Selling a few minerals in a nearby market could help you buy a bigger ship, buy more modules, or have new abilities.

“EVE Online” also has its scheduled events. They are also listed on the Navigator window. At present, it’s The Hunt Proving Grounds Event, and the pilots can quickly move into special areas, fighting with each other, and earn rewards, instead of searching for PVP,” Bjarnason said.

“Exploration” and “exploration” missions will assist capsules in learning to navigate space which is among the most romantic tasks on offer in EVE Online. CCP’s PR manager pointed out that many newly-minted pilots are destined to become explorations when they arrive at New Eden.

“Often players, once they arrive atat their first destination in the EVE Online universe, aren’t sure what to do. They try to explore and eventually get the players swept away. They roam around the galaxy, discovering fascinating places and unique resources. Many of them are expensive, and it’s an opportunity to earn money,” explained Bjarnason.

The final section of the Agency Gretar demonstrated to us was Fleet Search. Pilots who wish to work with others can join any of the existing fleets. It also shows how far the ships of the participants are, how many are present, and what they’re planning to accomplish.

If you are primarily single-player players, There’s no reason to join a guild to spend some time with other players. It’s also an excellent opportunity for beginners to meet one another and gain the wisdom of experienced capsuleers.

The CCP PR manager, through his account, for starters, demonstrated to us the basics of how mechanics for new players work on EVE Online. The drill frigate was taken from the hangar, fitted with a laser base, and then directed the ship toward the nearest belt.


Bjarnason noted that the EVE Online galaxy is divided into multiple sectors, each with different degrees of danger. The ones under the superpowers’ security are the kind of PVE zones that are safe for novices and newcomers to ships. But the most valuable resources will be found in high crime areas.

“Some players simply like to sit at the computer on the weekend. They leave the hangars of miners and begin to mine for minerals in tranquil areas as they listen to music or talk to friends. Migrating on EVE Online is a pretty relaxing process,” Bjarnason told us as we watched his craft twirl an asteroid using its drill laser.

The CCP official clarified that there isn’t a single-size-fits-all-ship within the games. Many ships are suited to every task, including exploration, resource extraction, or even warfare. However, for them to be able to operate or utilize modern equipment, players need to develop their avatars constantly.

It is a passive process requiring capsuleers occasionally launch the new skill via the menu context. Skills are acquired as trophies, awarded in exchange for fulfilling contracts, or can be purchased through auction. Avatar keeps learning new abilities even after the user leaves the game.
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Once the small holding of the Venture was filled, Bjarnason departed for the station to sell the minerals he extracted and, at the same present us with the unique features of the EVE Market Online, with its countless products and useful tools to analyze (the market gathers statistics on the sale of each item over a lengthy time).

The prices of most kinds of merchandise float indefinitely. Similar items across different regions may vary significantly in price. Every event in EVE Online’s EVE Online world can make the economy grow, leading to sudden demand, or even price drops even for Plexes, which is the local currency of premium.

“Some pilots are not doing anything but trade with each other in EVE Online. It’s how they play. If, for instance, an area is experiencing turmoil, demand for vessels, equipment, and other resources rises. The more equipment the opposing sides forfeit, the more money the hardworking sellers could make. War is an extremely lucrative time for traders,” said Gretar Bjarnason

Then, we spoke about the subject of exploring space. Exploration pilots are equipped with special equipment, travel through Eden, and participate in an unintentional game where they direct a variety of probes to explore and narrow down an area until they locate something interesting.

So, we came across the”wormhole. It is in EVE Online that these anomalies are used as portals into a random region. They connect two systems through an expressway. However, a pilot who sees one does not know the direction it’ll lead him.

“Wormholes will be present for a duration after they are discovered. It’s not unusual in the game for swift strike fleets to use them to attack an enemy from a completely unexpected direction, only to withdraw quickly. Science can also play an important role in the war,” said the CCP Marketing Specialist.

We convinced him to investigate the strange anomaly, but the only people there were slippered cruisers, one of the oldest races in New Eden. The enemy was outnumbered and superior to us, which meant we had no choice but to defend ourselves or escape, which is why we lost our ship.

A beautiful but demoralizing aspect of EVE Online for newcomers is the inexplicable loss of a vessel if it’s destroyed. But it is important to realize it is the heart of the game’s fascinating economy.

According to Bjarnason, novice and experienced players aren’t required to participate in the political games played out by EVE Online’s giants EVE Online world to get all the benefits that the game offers.

“A pilot could become an isolated pirate, headhunting wolf, or reverse. He could become a space explorer, join a group of miners, invent his plan of action, and earn profit by trading. In the world of EVE Online, any newcomer is free to pick their place within this universe.”

Greater Bjarnason summarized it.

It is possible to download EVE Online for free on the website or Steam. For a smooth experience, you’ll need around 23GB of free space on your disk and a graphics card with 4GB of video memory and plenty of free time. This is because the New Eden is enormous and packed with mystery and is still to be mastered.

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