The Ori and the Will of the Wisps SideQuests

The full guide to all quests that are side-quests found in Ori as well as Ori and the Will of the Wisps

The latest feature to the series, which is within Ori and The Will of the Wisps, sides quests through which you will earn additional rewards. These range from containers of light (in-game money) to items you require to complete your other quests and collectibles, such as Gorlek’s Ore.

The majority of quests require you to find the item you want to deliver to a designated area and the quest master. In addition, you’ll need to execute various tricks or solve complex challenges. Finally, you must locate a site and fully explore it to the object you are looking for in some cases.

At the time of writing the article speaking about all the side quests I’ve found within the game. To make it easier, I’ve separated the quests into locations depending on the location the place where the quest takes place.


  • 1 Inky swamps
  • 2 Pile Hollow
  • 3 Springfields Fields
  • 4 Quiet Forest
  • 5 Bright Lakes
  • 6 Leeward Badlands
  • 7 Moon Dens

Blackened Mines

missing key The adventure is more like a narrative-based one. However, I thought I’d explain it similarly. It begins when you find Tocca close to a chasm that cannot be crossed. The situation will be revealed just after you take out the torch. To finish the job, begin by heading west. Then go down a bit lower in which you must fight the beast. You must go through the door which opens and walk up the waterfall. The torch won’t disappear; however, you’ll discover the stone key a bit further down. Return to Tocca for the second stone key to unlock the door even more.

A little Courage It is possible to locate a Mokha Brave shortly after encountering Voy. Go through the upper portion of the Inky Swamp until you find the tiny rodent. To finish the mission, head into the damaged area just to the right of the highest point in the Ink Swamp. It is necessary to climb up a small part of the wall. Then, leap away to the left to grab the vines. Break the boards before. After that then, jump to the left. Over the narrow, suspended platforms, you’ll see The Fang of the Howl. It has to be given to Mokhu the Brave, returning the same way you came to this place. In exchange for an incentive, he’ll offer Gorlekov his ore.

Hollow of Quolok

I to you You to me When you go toward Springs Fields, you will meet more on your way to Springs Fields. He will request that you provide a map to a traveler. In the Springs Fields, there is a Tokk that you are familiar with. You can give him the map to obtain another item. It is necessary to go through the map several times in a row to figure out who requires this or the item. It’s a long and tedious quest and has a significant reward. We go over the process in detail in an additional guide.

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Fields of Springs

Lost Compass: Soon after unlocking the “Attraction” capability on the Rodnik Meet Tocca at the entry point to the. Step inside via the door on the left, and follow the path until you’ll discover a large puzzle with rotating platforms and Moss. Find the solution by pushing the lever a few times. After that, you’ll be at the door. To the left of the door is a shelf with one of the needles made from iron. Take it, and return it to Tokk to finish the quest. Took is located in the same location. As a reward, you’ll receive the identical Gorlek ore.

All Family Gathered Meet the Moki right of Thunder at the Springs Fields. He will ask you if you would like to solicit Thunder to construct his hut. To build the hut, you must collect 4 Gorlek ore. After you have built the hut, go east towards The Quiet Forest, which will occur according to the tale when you activate the mill in the Spring. At the entrance of the Quiet Forest, you can climb up (after popping bubbles in the mud) and walk left. At the edge of the cliff is a small building. Inside, you will find moki statues. Find the petrified doll, go back to the Springfields and hand it over to the Moki who initiated the quest. Once the quest is completed, you will be blessed with spiritual illumination. If you go back to the cabin, you’ll find that moki from the Springs Fields has been reunited with his family members and transformed into the identical stone statue.

Greening the Fields

The blue pond in the store of Ofer just before you leave The Spring Fields to the right. It is above Tali’s hut, visible after you have run the mill. However, before you reach the spring, you’ll discover a niche to the left, below which is a seed with a mystery. It is recommended to show it to Tali. Then, find five more sources to finish the task. Finally, Tali will be green in the Fields and give you different plants that can be used for hooking and much more exploring this area.

in the dark

If you purchase the Thorn in the “Beautifying the Fields” quest, you will be able to go down the branch and then to the left below. There is an Oki in the area. Speak to him. He’ll be complaining that his acorn dropped into the cave. However, the cave’s entrance is blocked. You must get an order from Thunder to clear the rubble. After that, you’ll be able to enter the cave. However, it’s dark. To stay safe from being struck by the darkness, you’ll need to move with flash. This skill, which illuminates Ori, is acquired when you enter the Overgrown Underground, where you destroy the Spider. Explore the cave in the corner, locate the acorn and return to the Moki, receiving spiritual illumination.

map of The Pacific Forest: When you can walk across the sand, find Lupo’s house on the lower left. He will be asking you to outline your map of the Pacific Forest. The only thing you need to do is investigate every inch of the forest, and then you must talk to Lupo. He will let you know if all the areas have been explored and your journey will end. Then he’ll invite you to explore the forests.

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Enhancing the Fields Contact Thunder within the Springs Fields. Bring him the proper quantity of Gorlek Ore to enhance the field. In reality, you’ll need to get ALL the Gorlek Ore that you can find during the gameplay. This means all 40 pieces. We’ve described the whereabouts in a separate article.

Silent Forest

Tree Keeper If you are in The Quiet Forest, traverse the tiny area filled with popping bubbles and ascend. This is where you went in the direction of the Moki family’s house in the “Whole Family Gathering” quest. After you’ve completed this, go to the left, and you will see Kee sitting on a dead tree. He will hand you a dead tree. Take the branch of the gardener Tali on the Springfields and then go back to Kee and tell him Kee’s words to the gardener. Kee will then give you the seeds. Visit Tali and give him the seed, which is included in the Greening the Fields quest. Tali will plant the tree, and you will be able to pick up the new skill.

Light Lakes

the wisdom Quolok Then, at the start of Bright Lakes, talk to an Aki, who will inform you that there is something wrong with Quolok. Go on, explore this area and take on Quolok. Talk to the same make and get the amulet. It should be put on the statue at the spot where Cook was once. You will be able to receive spiritual illumination.

The Wasteland

the Uncut Diamond: In the Leeward Wastes, you can meet Tocca seeking a hidden treasure situated close to an old shovel. Take a walk down the lower parts of the area and locate the red jumper in the sand. Turn left, and you will find the area with the shovel. Create a hole by moving in the sand (just hit it a few times before returning towards the shovel) to find the gem. Present that gem to Hokku. You’ll then need to present your stone Twillen in Twillen’s Spring Glade to get the secret shard of spirits the return.

The Moon Den

Take a direct route into the Dens You can obtain this quest by contacting Tokk at the Den of Sublunar located in the bottom left of the game’s world. The quest is about a hidden area. Speak to him and learn what you need to accomplish. We will discuss the quest in a separate guide.

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