The Operation Black Mesa Fan Remake Of The Two Half-Life Add-Ons Appeared In Steam

It appears that the long-term progress of

Operation: Black Mesa

is nearing the point of logical close to logical. The new additions are nearing completion.

Opposing Force

The Blue Shift for Half-Life is now being purchased on Steam. The updates are currently managed through Tripmine Studios, which comprises two fan-based teams. The developers have posted new images on the game’s website as well as pointed out the following aspects of the game:

  • New content and more games.
  • It will appear amazing due to the improvements made to the Source engine.
  • Over 30 unique enemy types and 18 weapons.
  • Opposing Force and Blue Shift will be more easily integrated into Half-Life’s “lore” of Half-Life.
  • The supplements preserve the original music.
  • Remake is able to support custom modifications.

It is important to remember that the games Opposing Force and Blue Shift provide the details of the battle that took place in Black Mesa from the other side. Gamers will have the opportunity to take on the role of HECU Soldier Adrian Shepard and the guard in the research facility Barney Calhoun.

The date of release is not yet set for Operation Black Mesa is not set yet.

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