The Old Little Big Adventure Is Refreshed With An Update With Modern Features

The iconic French adventures of Little Big Adventure are in the process of preparing another installment. However, it’s not expected to be released in the next few years. In the meantime, creators plan to update the first two parts of the nineties by revamping the program and adding new features.

2.21 studio, which owns the rights to Little Big Adventure, has revealed its version. 2.21 studio, who now holds all rights for Little Big Adventure The blog of 2.21 has been updated with information concerning it’s Classic+ version. Its main differences include:

  • The code for the program was transferred into assembly C.
  • In the future, this will enable us to make the game available on different platforms (although we don’t have any concrete strategies for it).
  • We will add support for controllers.
  • Modifications to the interface. For example, they can increase the menu of settings and the language is able to be changed directly within the game.
  • The achievements as well as cloud saves will be displayed.
  • Its Classic+ version will affect LBA1 and 2 and will be free available to Steam as well as GOG owners. The port of LBA is also available on mobile devices but the updates won’t be released as the developers admit they do not have the resources to accommodate mobile platforms.

Based on marks on Steam, Classic+ release will be scheduled for the end of May. It is important to note that the show has been officially renamed The Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure -as the creators believed this would assist modern-day viewers not be confused with the more well-known LittleBigPlanet.

A brief diagram explaining the relationship between the two Little Big Adventure versions. Little Big Adventure.

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