The Number Of Players In Scarlet Nexus Is Twice As High As Sales

Creators of The Japanese Action game Scarlet Nexus have revealed their achievements. The stats are fascinating because they demonstrate that the amount of sales and the number of gamers are distinct things.

The developers have reported the following:

  • Sales (including disc deliveries along with digital downloads) over 1,000 000.
  • The number of players (including Game Pass) – more than 2,000,000.

Scarlet Nexus has a demo. Scarlet Nexus also has a demoavailable. However, the extent to which it is included in the player’s statistics isn’t known.

It is important to remember you that Scarlet Nexus recently exchanged swag for another well-known Bandai Namco game, Tales of Arise. The game, too, claimed to have sold millions of dollars however it seems to have gotten them more quickly as the Scarlet Nexus.

To celebrate the accomplishment that was The Scarlet Nexus, concept artist Tamami Ishikawa created a brand new illustration.

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