The Next State Of Play Presentation Will Take Place On The Night Of March 9-10

Sony Sony has revealed the date for this year’s State of Play show. It starts on March 10 at 11:30 Moscow time and lasts approximately 20 minutes. The company has warned that it’s not good to expect any information regarding PS VR2.

Instead, the organizers will concentrate on showing games created by Japanese developers. Teams from all over the globe will also play some games. They’ll reveal the latest projects and provide more information about projects that have already been scheduled.

Final Fantasy XVI may appear at the show. In December, the producers said they would announce details in spring 2022. In addition, as Forspoken is another highly-publicized release produced by Square Enix, it has been delayed to an earlier date, the writers who created the follow-up to their legendary series will have time to write about their idea.

Connect to the live stream via Twitch as well as YouTube.

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