The New Pixelated Flavor Of Coca-Cola Is First Run Through Fortnite

Coca-Cola offers a Creations division that creates unique flavorings of the well-known beverage. For instance, the Starlight “space-flavored” has been an innovative product, and Coca-Cola has revealed that it will be launching Byte “pixel-flavored.

The latest variant of this drink can be described in the following manner:

In our second project for Coca-Cola Creations, we wanted to create a flavor inspired by pixel-playfulness and built on an experience that is only achievable via video games. Like how pixels make communication more real through the Web and social media, so Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte offers an opportunity for people to gather and create memories of Real Magic.

In celebration of the release for Pixel Flavor, we worked together with PWR on the PWR team to create Pixel Point -an island for the enthralling Fortnite mode. The press release describes it as “a C Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte meta-universe,” with four mini-games for multiple players. Island code 8565-0287-3178.

Furthermore, the Byte Jar can be searched via a specific page. The game will be launched with augmented reality. The principal character is BYTE which is an eight-bit pixel. He was alone by Coca-Cola Byte went into the meta-universe. Players are invited to assist BYTE in achieving its Coca-Cola logo. There’s an element of competition. Participants’ performances are tracked on the leaderboard.

Its island from Fortnite with Coca-Cola pixel is available. The 4th of April was when the actual variant of Coca-Cola hit shelves in a small number of stores in Latin America. The sales on May 2 will begin within the U.S. through the Coca-Cola website. On May 23, it will debut at stores selling the brand in China.

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