The Mysterious Story Of The Trophy For Celeste With Tga It Disappeared Three Years Ago And Then Appeared At A Flea Market

In 2018 it was the year of the platformer Celeste.

The game was named best indie on The Game Awards. The creators took to the stage, made speeches, and then posed to commemorate their win. They were supposed to present them to the winners of the competition. However, it didn’t happen.
Celeste Her prize vanished and was found in the flea market three years later.

The PrestigeIsKey host narrates the tale. He’s always desired to have a copy of the TGA trophy on his own and was seeking someone to help him in this. One day, the blogger went to eBay and found The Game Awards Game Trophy with a starting bid of $500. No one was competing.

It seemed suspicious. However, PrestigeIsKey decided to take the risk and purchase the statuette. It was suspected to be an original, and I was shocked to receive the original as indicated by the craftsmanship and the gorgeous packaging and the nameplate that was mounted the Celeste.

The reason the figurine got in the first place on eBay is unknown. The seller isn’t even involved in any connection to games; he’s a dealer in automotive parts. The auction description said the statue came “from an auction house that liquidated,” but there weren’t any further details. So it could be that the figure was taken? Was it lost in some sort of move? Did the developers hand it to someone else?

PrestigeIsKey has contacted the designers of Celeste. They said that they didn’t receive the package that came with its TGA trophy for an unknown reason. The video doesn’t go into detail about this, but perhaps there’s a rule during The Game Awards that prevent winners from picking up the trophy directly from the stage and receiving a personalized copy through a package.

The happy end: PrestigeIsKey gave the trophy to Celeste developers The Celeste development team reimbursed PrestigeIsKey the money he spent and also sent an official copy of the game and also allowed to publish videos of them unpacking the trophy.

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