The Move Of Horizon Forbidden West Avoided Rework

The initial idea of Horizon Forbidden West was to launch in the latter half of 2021. In the following year, Guerrilla Games chose to postpone the release for the follow-up until the beginning of February 2022. In a recent interview with Dutch newspaper NU Game Director Mathijs de Jonge, the company explained that delaying the game’s release made it possible for the team not to put in extra hours.

If Guerrilla revealed the release dates for the new version, it mentioned the COVID-19 pandemic and the issues caused by it. In an interview with Portal, D e Yong said the reason why Forbidden West could have been released on the original date, but it then needed to be revised. The studio is fully aware of the damage that crunches can cause, and it’s doubtful that this happens to it. One way to solve the issue is to plan appropriately, He declares.

Before Christmas, we announced that there would be no work in June. This means that everyone could take a holiday for two weeks. The studio was closed; it was impossible even to enter there.

Also, de Yong pointed out that not everyone wanted to take a break during the Christmas season in the sense that some people wanted to keep working at the sport. Guerrilla doesn’t prohibit that, but the decision to put everyone away on holiday is an important message by Guerrilla to its employees. In the opinion of the game’s director, people need to be able to rest and relax to enjoy time with their families and friends such as. This, in turn, was a factor in the decision to launch Forbidden West in the near future.

in the interview as well, Mathijs de Jong revealed that the team has always been aiming to create a strong woman with an ordinary appearance and a bright world. It’s a contrast to the earlier Guerrilla work. Killzone shooting world of the game was dark and unattractive. The packaging and covers featured neither the main protagonist nor his most feared adversaries.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available for both PlayStation. From us this sequel to the Eloi story was “Amazing” Read the review written by Vasyl Galperov.

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