The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante – From Cradle to Grave Review

The text-based game The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante is an engaging book with choices and outcomes that are more than those of Detroit: The goal is to become Human. Whether this game is as enjoyable as its predecessor is a debate in our review.

  • Developer: Sever
  • Publisher: 101XP
  • Publisher: March 4, 2021

I’m fine with RPGs with text-based graphics – I enjoy the action of games and like reading books, not on a computer screen. But, The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante attracted me with its dark visual style. I wanted to know what this particular Sir Brante has to suffer from. My curiosity grew into five hours of gaming which flew past in the flash of an eye.

Then we assume the character of a boy born in the vast Arknian Empire to a family of nobility that is not hereditary. However, he was able to attain his status through perseverance. At present, the protagonist is classified as an ordinary person (by his mother, who is a commoner). Therefore, he must work hard to attain a high ranking. But it’s entirely up to the player to choose the character Brante will be, and there areplenty of possibilities lead to his tragic death at the end of the tale.

The game occurs in a fictional Middle Ages world where everyone is a victim of fate. The average person must endure difficulties, while the nobles rule as well and are privileged, the clergy follows the rules of faith in gods, and the Twins, along with the Arcs,, are elevated above the other. Fate is a way to accept our fate, no matter what it is humbly; however, some people do not agree with the idea. Some people refuse to believe in the existence of gods. There is also that old-fashioned battle for power between two noble families.

This is the place where Ser Bronte has to find his way. But this will come later. In the beginning, episodes that focus on the boy’s childhood await participants. The family is introduced, and where the boy’s initial characteristics will be formulated. It is also where the initial major decisions that will impact the subsequent developments will be taken.

Every single decision made in life is evident in the variety of traits, from the moment you are born: When you grab your father’s hand and receive a boost of motivation. She encouraged the sister she was to compose poems, even though Udel prohibits her from doing this – received a slight increase in sensitivity. Inflicted a challenge on the cruel grandfather and visited the Twins… for the first time. Many people have the chance to make it through several deaths; however, once they die, it will be irreversible; you must be careful not to overuse the possibility of resurrecting.

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The initial years of your life are easy to live: no obligations, only a few traits to improve, and a couple of crucial choices, and that’s all. However, more significant events are in store for him when Ser Bronte gets. The academy is where he studies. First love. Family issues. Work. The increasing tensions among the town’s residents. You must navigate between characters and settings and take several seats at the same time and be careful not to be a failure through a reckless act.

This is the main issue in the Life and Suffering of Sir Brante-the story is very difficult to complete by relying on the heart. If you select an open-ended approach at the start of the adventure – i.e., knowing beforehand what a choice will result in the outcome – you’ll begin making adjustments to achieve beneficial effects. Even when you’d like to act in a particular way, you’ll take a different route, like when my character’s friend was killed and the woman he loved resisted in the end, mainly because other options resulted in a reduction in the most essential traits in the course.

It is possible to, of course, disable the opener, and you will never be able to predict the future for Bronte However, if you make that choice, you could not be being able to enjoy a lot of the material; numerous events require certain requirements that must be met, and you shouldn’t go into blindly.

Therefore it is necessary to pay more attention to the words and the tables behind them. It’s a shame since the story is written well. It’s a lot of fun to read. The characters are well-drawn, and Bronte’s family enthralls you; you dislike the antagonists, and the story makes you ponder how the story will end for the character.

I think the story stalls in the middle, and the writers go in-depth with the descriptions of influential family members, which do not provide any vital information to the narrative. The world map wasn’t needed, and I didn’t have to look at it. But, The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante is simple to read and, for the most part, doesn’t overwhelm the reader with unnecessary details, confusing phrases, or unnecessary characters.

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It is also fascinating to observe the consequences of the decisions you make. The game’s story is branched out; you may periodically alter sides in a war and cooperate with your recent adversaries or form secret alliances and do heroic deeds. My first playthrough was just 22% of achievements were unlocked. Moreover, you have to play at least twice or three times on different aspects of your life to achieve the sought-after 100 percent.

It’s not always smooth, but. In Steam forums, users report frequent crashes. However, in my story, the character who died in one chapter resurfaced in the next chapter as it was as if nothing had occurred. The bugs aren’t too serious; however, they could ruin the enjoyment of the story.

There’s no point in reviewing the graphics in the context of a text-based game. But nonetheless, The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante looks lovely. The game is designed as an actual book that has text on one side and images of the characters or the events on the other. There are menu options separated between pages. By clicking them, you have access to the opportunities for characters, character interactions, and more options.

In the end, The creation of Tomsk Studio Sever is undoubtedly worth looking into. Sever is a well-written, narrative game that is a delight with a variety of plot lines and a complex game with a variety of choices and consequences, as well as an intriguing story set in a dystopian setting. If you’re like me and, at some point, became curious about the world Ser Bronte was a person who suffered and lived from – we’d like to welcome you into The Arcnian Empire!

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