The Legend of Tianding – Taiwan’s Robin Hood Review

While others are publishing controversial remasters, The Legend of Standing is an outstanding action-adventure title based on an actual Asian tale from the early 20th century, has been quietly being released on Steam without any proper marketing. In the end, Steam gamers have rated it with a 9.5 out of 10; however, the reviews aren’t as plentiful. I’m determined to change this problem and inform you of the reason The Legend of Standing is one of the most successful projects to come out of the autumn of 2021.

  • Producer: Creative Games Computer Graphics Corporation
  • Publisher: Neon Doctrine
  • Date of release: November 1, 2021

In the Chinese history of China, Liao Tianding (1883-1909) is one of the most famous Taiwanese advocates for justice, who fought against oppressive rulers of Japan will be forever remembered. Taiwan remains a disputed territory to this day; however, after the Japan-China War, it officially gave over in the hands of the Japanese. The war erupted into prolonged hostilities among the Japanese occupiers and the local rebels, who were heavily helped through Liao Standing. It was not exactly a good thing. He took money from the wealthy, helped the poor, and frequently interfered with any plans made by the invading forces to the point that he was known as Robin Hood of Taiwan. Taiwanese Robin Hood.

This is the story of this 2.5D adventure-platformer, The Legend of Standing. We’re invited to hear the tale of Liao’s loss – the game starts with people on the streets talking about the living legend and the bandits. After hearing the story, they only flash their heels. The clouds are once more gathering in the streets of tranquil Taipei town, and there is no better person than Liao to clear these clouds.

The game’s creators did a great job presenting the authentic stories and characters featured in them. The game is packed with many dialogues. The world is well-constructed, and the plot following the initial chapter has been broken down into several branches, and each one develops as you progress. The story of the Legend of Standing is an absolute bonus, providing a refreshing breath of fresh air for people who have had enough of dull and boring projects.
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It’s interesting to note that the graphics of the game’s action is traditional Chinese manga. This is not just used in cut scenes but is also incorporated in the gameplay, so it’s like playing the comic book. The game’s graphics are stunning, and you’ll be listening to the monotonous narration until the credits.

Gameplay is an 2.5D action-platformer, beat’em-up with a focus on story telling however Taipei is available for exploration right from the beginning and the residents aren’t afraid to ask Liao to do a couple of favors.

In terms of gameplay, The Legend of Standing can be split into two parts: battles and everything else that occurs between. The “in-between” is, as it were, can be as long as the levels progress with too many dialogues characters, peaceful events, and characters in the game, showing the nature of Standing. This can be a little irritating, but the meticulous dedication to the story is certainly not a negative.

In the case of completing levels, the game is an old-fashioned example of its genre: Robin Hood, the Local Robin Hood moves on platforms to avoid traps, fights with a horde of enemies searching for clues, and moves toward the ultimate goal, which is to get the upper hand. The combat system is based upon Kung-Fu techniques. The hero can unleash punches with incredible force as he learns new techniques and can often steal weapons from enemies.

The range of options isn’t extensive, and the opponents aren’t very varied; however, how fun to play with them! Tianjin is awe-inspiring with his “shadow strike,” in which enemies can fly away in one second, and shadow ninja tactics … The battles are spectacular. They aren’t too difficult, which doesn’t affect the fun of the narrative. There’s an option for advanced difficulty. However, it can be disabled at any point.

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There are a few light RPG elements within The Legend of Standing – therefore, you will find various collectibles scattered across the locales, each one of which enhances the character’s abilities and offer multiple benefits. On the road, you’ll discover amulets that do the same purpose; however, to place them all on your neck is not feasible. In this manner, Liao gradually becomes more robust and can be felt to every degree.

Do you remember that Tianjin takes money from the rich and assists the less fortunate? This theme is seen in the game as well. When you travel around cities, it is possible to encounter those in need of cash more than once. The coins you earn during missions are freely spent for the cause. People donate collectibles and are forever grateful, and you’ll see less needy.

The technical aspect is pleasing the technical side – FPS was not affected by sags. Also, there were no crashes or lags.

The three-dimensional representations of heroes appear cheap and stand out from the backdrop of vibrant locales, but it is possible to shut your eyes to this.

In the end, The Legend of Standing is an excellent driving experience with a compelling plot, a simple fighting system, and stunning Chinese comic book-style drawings. It’s more than it gets for a few minutes; the game will bring a lot of positive feelings, leave you feeling nostalgic for the previous games of the genre, and will leave a lasting impression in your memories.

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