The Launch Of The First Season Of Battlefield 2042 Has Been Postponed Until Summer

DICE has released its development plans in preparation for Battlefield 2042. It’s difficult to label the announcement good news – the plan is very bleak and the launch of the entire first season was delayed until the start of summer.

The next updates

  • The next update to BF2042, we will bring in the scoreboard, as well as other changes developed by the development team have been working on since the holiday season.
  • In future patches :

    • Counters for kill and death.
    • Cross-platform voice chat.
    • Profile player.
    • Improved communication with the team.
    • A new tag system has been developed.
    • A better reward system has been implemented for those who have completed goals.
    • Battlefield Portal: new tools modes, new features, and a better experience system.

Communication with the community

The community of the BF2042 community had previously complained that DICE did not want to discuss future changes with players. As a response to criticisms DICE promised to enhance the feedback received by players:

We’ll provide you with specific goals, together with our current position, and a thorough explanation of how we plan to change our situation.

Our team will take your feedback on these goals and our suggestions for how to improve them.

We’ll talk about it once again; however, your comments will be considered and then take decisions on changes this time.

All discussions will be& published&onbspthe&b>Battlefield website social networks. In February, at the end of the month, we’ll be gathering feedback about the map’s design. The process of analyzing opinions on specific topics are more thorough than other topics and making modifications will take longer, DICE warns.

First Support Season

The designers decided to start earlier than originally planned to enhance key aspects of the BF2042 game.:

We strive to incorporate all feedback and apply extensive adjustments to the key gameplay mechanics you’ll need to know. We aim to improve the game more enjoyable.

We ‘ve set&their&aims&to&implement&these&improvements&the&new updates. Updates were decided upon, and the release date for the first season moved from the middle of summer. In this way, we’ll be able to focus on this and concentrate on making improvements to our Battlefield 2042 experience while completing seasonal content that is up to the highest quality standards.

As a token of appreciation for our customers As a token of appreciation, the Gold and Ultimate Editions purchasers of the First Year Pass will get a special package of equipment and weapon skins, melee weapons, and well as the player card. The bundle will be made included in the forthcoming update.

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