The Last Leviathan, embark on an adventure!

The Last Leviathan is a game made in collaboration with Super Punk Games, a small , independent development studio that was founded in the year 2015. The first game they released that we are presenting here, debuted the following year on June 22nd, 2016, it was released with the early stages of access to Steam.

The Last Leviathan is The Last Leviathan, you’ll be able to use BeSiege’s possibility to construct your own vessel. You’ll be able select the hull components as well as navigational elements and weapons. The ship can be built infinitely and there are no limitations to your imagination.

A near endless creation

The last Leviathan is therefore the result of a Sandbox project that has been taken to the edge. While still in the Beta phase, it’s still possible to experiment with the endless options, starting between the bow and the stern part of the vessel! Find a variety of options for customization options, pick your masts, weapons and flags, incorporate blades, and even incredible spurs!
Now, you’re in the cockpit of an warship for the brave or you can choose a boat for the more simple. No matter what you decide to do is, there’s a boat that will match it in The Leviathan that was last. Be careful! If you’re eager, your vessel can feed the fish, and it splits the ocean!
Our streamers has gone on an challenge, but doesn’t appear to be affected by the sins of creation. Here’s his story :

Still dangerous physics

As mentioned and explained earlier As mentioned earlier, the physical physics in the game are not quite stable yet. The designers are always improving, leaving players free to break the limitations in the game. Leviathan. Therefore, an adaptive change is possible due to the different and diverse perspectives of players seeking to exceed the limit in the sport.

Don’t be expecting to spin around on the water, with the sun rising in a gentle breeze. Do not expect that! ! Prepare for with a traveling journey, where the waves aren’t your ally! Cross oceans and the seas, like the dolphin for some, and a submarine for some.

If you do not dwell too much on the ever-present physics issue, you are likely to feel a sense of satisfaction from succeeding in your quest.

You then can sail to take on monsters or pirate vessels. So far, the game includes a mission of discovery that consists of more than a dozen levels.

The game isn’t yet in the final stage.

In reality, the developers tell our that they are still working on numerous plans in this regard. So, a travel mode, the increase of monsters, or even an online multiplayer game are being planned! To meet the needs of players to the best of their ability, they take into careful into consideration players’ feedback as well as the desires and demands of players. This means that it is likely to see an accelerated and proper evolution of the physics and Sandbox configurations! !

We are looking forward finding out what the game has to offer.

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