The Internet Simulator Hypnospace Outlaw Will Have A Spin-Off In The Retroshooter Genre And A Spiritual Sequel

Hypnospace Inlaw is a 1990s-era Internet simulation game where the player combats against criminals. Today, the publisher No More Robots has announced two games that have a connection with Hypnospace Outlaw it is an ethereal sequel called Dreamsettler as well as an action game with a boomer. Slayers the X The Terminal Aftermath: The Vengence of the Slayer.


The Tendershoot studios (authors of Ho) and Noble Robot – this team manages the project. The people who run the game Sleepnet are where dreams are made. Similar to
Hypnospace outlaw, this simulates an Internet simulation, but not in the nineties, but the nineties.

The principal character is a private investigator in Sleepnet. He’ll tackle all sorts of cases, including looking for elusive soup recipes and uncovering the secrets of the world. You’ll need to go through several websites, download apps, and master mini-games to accomplish this. The personal and desktop pages will allow you to personalize.

Dreamsettler Dreamsettler HTML0 will launch on computers (Steam) as well as consoles. The precise schedule of platforms and release date hasn’t been announced yet.

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