The Head Of Blizzard Talked About Business Within The Company And Promised Announcements Next Week

The new president is Blizzard, who will take the presidency in August 2021. He will succeed J. Allen Brack.

As per Ibarra Ibarra, regaining confidence has been Blizzard‘s most important goal in the present. The president has outlined some of the changes made to the company over the last few months:

  • The efficiency of Blizzard managers and the senior managers (including Ibarra himself) is assessed by changes in the work environment. The more welcoming, safe and innovative the work environment within the organization, the better the cash flow and success for the executives.
  • Many full-time positions are designed to improve the culture. Before this, many of the tasks were done by workers who were working on other things. Some of the new positions include:

    • The Culture Leader is responsible for preserving the most desirable qualities which Blizzard is displaying currently and ensures that each employee is displaying their best qualities.
    • Human resources leader who organizes creates trust, inspires teams and assists in creating a safe and secure environment for all.
    • The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader monitors progress of the company in these areas, and also helps in their development.

  • The number of people who investigates internal issues has increased by three times. The policy is clear about punishments for inappropriate behavior. They are applicable to everyone Blizzard personnel including directors and management.
  • Each team has been provided with data on their representation, and were told of how they can improve their numbers.
  • A new form for feedback was introduced to ensure employees that their comments impact the manager’s performance. These measures can be used to evaluate the level of management’s performance.

According to Ibarra promises you, this is only the beginning of the journey in this direction. There’s still plenty more to be done. The letter was concluded the CEO of Blizzard wrote to players:

Additionally, we are aware that we need to make content available to our players more frequently, be more innovative within our current games and push them to the limit. We’ve got exciting announcements. I’ll share more information about them in the coming weeks.

I would like to express my gratitude to our communities and our fantastic team members for their guidance and devotion. This will always be our guide.

There will likely be announcements in the coming weeks that were planned to be announced at BlizzCon. Due to the spread of the virus, the annual event has been canceled, and the event has been moved to an online version. A new version of BlizzConline was scheduled to take place in the early 2022 time frame, but the event was canceled entirely – apparently due to scandals at Blizzard.

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