The guild 3 Test

Then you start your dynasty to go. It’s lengthy and hard work. The reason lies in the fact it is because The Guild 3 tries to blend several genres under one umbrella. It’s basically an amalgamation of the real world and economic simulation where you must be concerned about living expenses, reputation, income and other similar issues. But, RPG elements and sometimes even a bit of adventure and action play in as well.

The idea of a secluded, private home that sounds seems like a whole lot of choice initially, but unfortunately, has its own pitfalls. There’s always a lot to do and you’re always full. Even the search for a partner to give you the most offspring possible isn’t something to ignore. This creates a frantic speed at times, since you’ll be shifting between the various genres in order to satisfy everyone’s requirements.

Since you cannot ignore any aspect. For instance, if you concentrate too much on conceiving offspring, your popularity or standing could decrease. This is, however, an essential resource with less options to take action. In addition you’ll also have a form of management for your profession, the managing of family conflicts and getting allies, and many more things on the table. There’s an extensive tutorial that will provide you with all aspects of gameplay.

Medieval Presentation

To control and manage this you have a lot of options for configuration and functions to choose from. But, the initial issue is visible here in the latest: The menus of The Guild 3 are a complete failure! If this is due to the lengthy Early Access phase and the shift in the developers or not, we are unable to judge.

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However, the reality is that the menus don’t only look ugly, they are also a mess and therefore confusingly structured. If you are playing a strategy game that requires a great deal of information must be located and retrieved, this could be the end of the road. Sometimes, the game is an unending maze of commands, actions and submenus, which can ruin the fun.

The graphics in The Guild 3 look far from modern. Certain characters and animations do appear decent however, it’s true that the “scurry effect” is also appropriate for an action game of this genre. The graphics are, however, aged, grungy, and, most importantly, very low-contrast. However, the system requirements are quite high, which leads to more confusion. The soundtrack however offers a lesser reason to be unhappy The vocal output isn’t very vast, yet it complements the gameplay very well. The music is also appropriate and adds to the medieval setting that the gameplay has.

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