The great industrial world awaits you with the new game Rise of Industry!

The game is a good mix of strategically complexity and replayability yet it’s easy to play It is also very easy to learn! It will please fans of the genre and those more experienced in management, offering easy-to-understand game mechanics that make it suitable for those who are new to the industry world. Begin your journey by taking over the reins of a small business and then grow into an empire of financial and industrial production!

Industry begins as the following…

To get resources, you will have to build farms, mines, oil and gas wells, sawmills, fishing ports, and many other buildings. There will be a lot of raw items: food (apples and meat, fish, chocolate beans, vegetables) as well as minerals (iron coal, copper) and gas, oil, and wood. All you need to do is transform these into processed products and then delivered to cities via your transport of goods network. Keep an eye on the economic situation and consider the population’s needs to stay ahead of the competition and maximize profits.

When you construct the foundation for your business, make it easier to move raw materials and finished goods through every phase of production with railroad tracks for trains, roads for trucks, sea for ships, even air using zeppelins! Each method of transportation comes with its distinct positives along with disadvantages and it’s your job to figure out how to solve this logic-based puzzle! Don’t forget to read the recipe book that includes illustrations of the different structures, recipes, and products you can cook!

What are the various game types?


What should you do to begin? There’s no doubt that the game appears difficult and challenging to control everything at first glance, but with the video tutorial, you’ll be able to learn the game quicker than you think! This tutorial will help you master the fundamentals to the game quickly regardless of whether you’re controlling the camera or an objective to construct an extraction plant that will feed the farm.


Are you looking to build the ultimate industrial powerhouse? But it is the goal of the game! In this mode, you’ll begin from scratch and, yes, you will have an enormous quantity of money but with any building! The only thing you need to do is select the difficulty level from the arrivals, normal or veterans and then start the game. Your first mission will be to choose in the technology tree in which branch you want to start your adventure: the harvesting/extraction one or the agriculture one? It’s up to you to develop and expand your business as you improve and unlock new structures in the tree of technology.

Free Play

As the name implies, this option gives you greater flexibility. It is no longer confined to the technology tree that you use to construct your structures as they’re entirely instantly unlocked! Even the recipes of products to be produced within your factory! The management of the transport between industries so that the production chain is optimized to its maximum is even simpler since you’ll have all the infrastructure you need. It’s just a matter of having to design the axes of communication and the methods of transportation you’ll choose to use will handle everything else! What will you get involved in? The stationery or the wormmaking carpentry, metallurgical, the conservation, the gas or the gasoline? There’s a lot to choose from!”

Custom Parts

This is the most flexible mode that is similar to the Sandbox mode. where you can design your map by configuring the number of coastlines cities as well as the presence or absence of mountains forests, rivers mineral deposits, oil and gas sources as well as other sources of energy. If you want to play with the technology tree, you can pick either the option to go through the career one that requires you to unlock production facilities and recipes, or go for the accessible game mode that is free of restrictions or restrictions. Everything is free at the start of the game!

What are the key aspects that make the game so great?

The game provides a satisfying experience for everyone all the way from novice and up to professional and even the novice. You may focus on trading, production or procurement. You can also combine any of these areas while expanding your business. In the production, aspect picks from more than 100 different products and controls the process of harvesting, mining, and removing raw materials, manufacturing or processing of raw materials, and finally the delivery of the final product to stores and urban customers. Be aware you must be ready for fierce competition, with businesses establishing close to cities, aiming to sell the most merchandise they can and decrease their market shares.

Additionally, there’s advanced artificial intelligence in cities and towns (they’ll grow naturally through such things as creating roads and new homes and stores). The intelligent, constantly evolving universe will put you up against those looking for the most lucrative deals on the domestic market and are trying to generate price swings in the commodities market! With huge maps which are modeled generation-by-generation, giving you the room to expand your empire featuring a myriad of scenarios as well as the free mode in which your imagination is the only limit! Be flexible and responsive to the changing business environment and the contract; the unpredictable events and challenges will require you to remain vigilant to maintain your income.

Environmental limitations will also be there, and shady tycoons will need to contend with diseases, pollution, and industrial waste. Biomes are always changing and could increase the environmental issues when you use this map in your favor. There is a chance that you will lose the oil reserves you could have if the tundra is polluted and spills into fields, or the fertile grasslands dwindle and turn into barren deserts

Additionally an Modding API will also be developed which allows players to design their own gaming environments as well as The Steam Workshop will be available to assist players.

A new industrial age is now even possible!

The game isn’t completed and is developing, so there are some bugs, but these are rapidly fixed in the new patches. As to the future of the game, there are going to be many new features to be added in the coming year, including, soon the introduction of highways (with tunnels and bridges) and the possibility to map your terrain as well as an upgrade to the AI system that handles railway, sea, and air traffic, allowing more efficient flow! As we approach the close of 2018, we could witness the development of scenarios (storms or tornadoes earthquakes and so on. ) and the first cities, industrial contracts pollution, and translating the games in various languages, including French (this will happen in Alpha 8). Alpha 8)!

Rise of Industry’s Early Access of Rise of Industry will be available on Friday on February 9th through PC at 22.99 EUR, as for the full version of the game, it’s scheduled to launch officially during the last trimester of 2018!

Are you ready to take over this industry?

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