The Game Awards Can Be Viewed In Virtual Space – Jeff Keely Has Big Plans For This Format

In this year’s edition, The Game Awards takes on the new format of an online space that allows you to watch the show with your friends and others from all over the globe. The producer Jeff Keighley is convinced that this type of entertainment will have an exciting future, including the possibility of meta-universes’ growth.

Virtual versions, The Game Awards, will take place on the Core gaming platform within an experience dubbed Axial Tilt. It resembles an air-borne city that travels between worlds and frequently changes themes mechanics, mini-games, etc.

10 December at 0300 a.m. Moscow, Axial Tilt will dock at 03:00 a.m. Moscow for The Game Awards. There will be an area for users to snap pictures and listen to a DJ’s show and a chance to predict who will win the awards ceremony as well as exclusive game content. Also, The Game Awards itself will be on display.

Core is a new platform for Epic Games. Core platform is available only on the Epic Games Store for now.

Axial Tilt is also being tested in the experimental model of Fortnite However, The Game Awards will only let you view through the Core. The problem is that Fortnite currently doesn’t have the ability to embed live-streamed videos that only show recorded footage. The Core is already equipped with the technology required, but The Game Awards are the only time live streaming is enabled in front of a huge crowd.

Keely states that this is only the first Version of the online space that will be used by The Game Awards. The host gave examples of how the format could take place in general

  • The show might be embedded into other communities, such as direct in game. “Maybe one day you’ll be able to see The Game Awards in FIFA or Apex Legends Keely says. Keely.
  • Publishers, developers, and other industry icons will be able to walk on the virtual red carpet or speak to a small audience in break rooms following performances.
  • It is possible that such virtual events be held all year round, not just during The Game Awards.
  • You can perform amazing things through tight integration with game engines, such as walking along an imaginary hallway in the show and ending in a demonstration that’s just been released.

According to what Keely thinks, this virtual rendition of The Game Awards is similar to meta-universes in that it blends social networking and gaming entertainment. But, it’s only an early version and the first steps, and there’s plenty of work to do according to Keely.

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