The For Honor test

In the intro, the For Honor ring is very punishing. If you’re fortunate, you’ll be lucky enough to knock opponents to the floor. However, if you’re confronted with a particular savage adversary, you may find your back broken into small pieces beneath the pressure of a large mace. In a desperate attempt, you’ll imagine doing the most harm.

The debut of Ubisoft’s medieval-themed jousting title makes you think that you’ll be plunged into some kind of God Of War with knights, Vikings, and Samurai… However, it’s not the case, but it’s that axe in the forehead that’s going to cause you to doubt. Ubisoft Montreal has created a well-balanced and thrilling combat game that takes an extended period to master. Put aside your pride and go to multiplayer mode (as numerous players have done and enjoyed this beta), and you’ll soon discover your preferred style of play.

When playing multiplayer games, players will have the opportunity to earn credits and experience through doing the daily or specific tasks from a list. Achieving ten wins in Dominion will, for instance, 1000 XP or 100 steel. These tasks involve online fights against AI, and therefore there’s an option for all. To enhance the equipment, players will recycle items that have become unusable or use the steel they have earned previously. For Honor is also available with additional microtransactions available, and, as FIFA Ultimate Team cards, buying Steel and Gear will offer players random rewards. These microtransactions can have on the community is yet to be determined.

When you play that you play, your eyes will be open, watching your opponent’s every move with total concentration—at the same time, making sure to adhere to the guidelines that will appear on your screen (although disabled at the high difficulty). The honor you have earned makes the game a magnificent masterpiece of riches yet to be explored and appreciated. Beyond the 30 frames per second on consoles, gamers won’t dislike this game at all with its captivating characters, beautifully created 3D models, detailed environments, and stunning animations.

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